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Qu Yuan’s Hometown

Qu Yuan’s Hometown.jpgLocated in Zigui New County Capital, Qu Yuan’s Hometown adjoins the Three Gorges Dam, having the best view of high gorges, numerous islands and spectacular lakes made by the construction of the dam. As the water level was lifted by the dam, 24 cultural sites in three gorges area have been removed to Zigui New County Capital , which includes Qu Yuan Memorial Scenic Region, Three Gorges Ancient Residential Area, Qu Yuan Culture and Art Centre and Waterfront Landscape Zone.

Qu Yuan, one of the greatest patriotic poet and politician in ancient China, was born in Lepingli, Zigui County in 340 BC.As a poet, he has created tremendous patriotic poems including Li Sao (Tales of Woe) and Jiu Ge (Nine Tunes).As a politician, he had been promoted as Premier Minister of the State of Chu, but dismissed for calumny. In 278 BC, he drowned himself into the Miluo River when Qin captured the capital of Chu. With his famous poem "Li Sao", "Tian Wen", "Jiu Zhang", "Jiu Ge", Qu Yuan was listed as the world cultural celebrity by UNESCO in 1953.

Travel Tips

Telephone: 0717—6223386,0717—6050100

Address: Qu Yuan’s Hometown Scenic Region,Zigui New County Capital, Zigui County,Yichang, Hubei


   1、Take the Three Gorges Cruise directly to Zigui County.

   2、Take the long-distance bus towards Fenghuang Mountain, Maoping Town from Yichang Long Distance Bus Station, then walk about 1 kilometer.

Opening Hours: 8:00-16:30 every day

Tickets: 90/person,Children under 1.2 meter height for free

   Suggested Visit Time: 2-3 hours

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