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Pengjiazhai Tujia Village

Pengjiazhai.jpgPengjiazhai Tujia Village is located in Xuan'en County, Enshi City, on July 10. Twenty years ago, thanks to the tireless efforts of Zhang, the ancient Tujia stilted buildings (Diaojiao Houses), a kind of folk residence built on the stilts of different heights and usually built beside the river or in steep mountain areas, in Pengjiazhai were introduced to the Chinese public. Pengjiazhai is now under state-level protection and is included on the List of Outstanding Minority Villages. The Tujia stilted buidlings of Pengjiazhai are located just three hours from the Great Canyon of Enshi, which recently became a 5A scenic spot.

To enter the village, visitors must cross a suspension bridge. The long bridge, which sways in the wind, spans the 10-meter-wide Longtan River. The famous stilted buildings are built on the side of the mountain. After crossing the suspension bridge and walking up the hill, visitors enter a courtyard, where they are greeted by a row of houses. Right behind the houses are seven famed Tujia stilted structures. Each is supported by four primary pillars. The grey roofing tiles, cornices and angles, and circular corridors with hollowed-out handrails are spectacular. According to the village elders, the oldest stilted structure is almost 200 years old.

If you go: Buses run from Enshi to Xuan'en County and then to Shadaogou Town. From Shadaogou Town, visitors can take a bus to Lianghekou, Pengjiazhai, or Longtan. There is a bus stop close to the bridge to Pengliangzhai. Once there, visitors can rent a special pedicab called a mamu. The journey takes about 20 minutes and costs around RMB 30. There is an inn in Pengliangzhai which provides food and accommodation. A meal costs between RMB 30 and 50, and a room costs between RMB 40 and 60.

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