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Suizhou Travel Guide

Hubei MapSuizhou City is the birthplace of the legendary Yandi (Shennong), who is one of the forefathers of Chinese Nation along with Huangdi, and he is also the founder of Chinese agriculture. Every year on the twenty-six day of the sixth lunar month, there will be a tourist festival held in the Lieshan town in northern suburbs of Suizhou to celebrate the birthday of the great ancestor of the country.

As a testament on the long cultural history of Suizhou, a set of Bronze Chime-bells excavated from the Tomb of Marquis Yi of the Zeng State in early Warring States Period, which is 1 kilometer west of the city proper is on permanent exhibition. This set of bronze bells consists of sixty articles, and it is a rare and delicate treasure that establishes China's instrumental music advances earlier in history by five hundred years.

Facts of Suizhou

Chinese Name: 随州 (suí zhōu)
Population: 2,570,000
Area: 9,636 square kilometers (3,720 square miles)
Nationalities: Han
Administrative Division: 1 district - Zengdu; 1 county-level city - Guangshui  

Seat of the City Government: north end of Yanhe Road, Zengdu District

History of Suizhou

Suizhou adopts its name from the most ancient vassal state of Sui in the Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century BC-221BC.).It is a prefecture-level city approved the establishment of the State Council on June 25, 2000.

The long history and culture Suizhou is an ancient land, but a young city .In Suizhou, with a long history and brilliant culture, there are many celebrities born here who bring glory to it. It is the birthplace of legendary god of farming Emperor Yan, the ancestor of Chinese nation, as well as one of the cradles of Chinese culture.

The large complete sets of bell chimes unearthed in Suizhou 2430 years ago were elaborate and beautiful, reflecting brilliance of Chinese history and culture. These bells enjoy high reputation at home and abroad, and are praised as world wonder. Therefore, Suizhou has got its well-known nickname as”hometown of ancient musical instruments”.

What to see in Suizhou?

Geographical Features: Meandering hills make up the main part of the territory of Suizhou with some interleaving mountain lands and alluvial plains. The Dahong Mountain is in the south and Tongbai Mountain is in the north of Suizhou, and a long and narrow plain lies northwest southeast in the center.

In Suizhou, there are beautiful mountains and rivers, with beautiful scenery and unique views. National scenic spot Great Hong Mountain, provincial scenic spot Tongbai Mountain, Three Pools, Fengjiang River and  Family Xu River are very beautiful, and they are ideal places for tourism and spending holidays. Therefore, the development prospect is promising.There are three agricultural traveling lines, namely Suizhou City to the Birthplace of Emperor Yan to Fengjiang River Spot, Suizhou City to the birthplace of Ming Yuzhen to Great Hong Mountain and Suizhou City to Family Xu reservoir to Yingshan Town to Zhonghua Mountain Scenic Spot. We built more than 10 high-effect science and technology agriculture demonstrating garden and famous special local products base.

Shennong's HometownDahong MtBaizhao Mt
     Emperor Yan Shennong's Hometown            Dahong Mountain           Shennong Cave

When to visit Suizhou?

Suizhou features a subtropical monsoon climate, having four discernable seasons, rich sunshine and abundant rainfall. The chilly and torrid periods in midwinter and midsummer are relatively short. Its annual average temperature falls around 16 C (60 F).Xiaogan has an annual average temperature of 16C (61F). It will be comfortable to visit the city in spring, autumn and early summer.

How to get to Ssuizhou?

Suizhou is a vital transportation in northern Hubei connecting the province with Central China. It is a bit more than one hour's drive from Wuhan Tianhe international Airport. Suizhou Railway Station is located in Jiaotong Jie, and the central bus station is seated in No.29, Jiefang Lu, Suizhou City.

In Suizhou, there are convenient traffic facilities, with roads leading to the east, south, west and north. It is the northern door of Hubei Province to the outside world and the important relay station and transfer station for the western development radiating from the east to the west. Beijing to Guangzhou Railway, Wuhan to Chongqing Railway, Xining Railway and the National Trunk Highway of 107,316,312 pass through within the territory. The Xining railway and Wuhan to Chongqing railway are linked together in the territory. Wuhan to Shiyan expressway transfixion entire boundary. Suizhou to Yueyang expressway has already been building. It is convenient for you to anywhere, and it is an ideal place for foreign investors to make investment and settle down.

Suizhou Travel Tips

Special Local Products: plum, honey jujube, Chinese mushroom, tea, ginkgo, kudzu vine root

Useful Telephone Numbers:

Tourist Complaints: 0722-3596125
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184

Bank of China Branch Office: No. 87, Dashizi Street, Zengdu District
China Post Branch Office: No. 30, Handong Road, Zengdu District

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