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Jingzhou Travel Guide

Jingzhou MapCarrying out "Waist-building Project" and to forge a significant growth pole of Yangtze River Economy Belt in Hubei, Jingzhou City is a prefecture-level city in southern Hubei Province, located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River on the Jianghan Plain. Jingzhou is close to the Golden Waterway, with Wuhan to the east, Yichang south, and Jingmen city north, as well as bordering on the Three Gorges. It is identified as National Historical and Cultural City, China's Excellent Tourist City, National Garden City, National Double-Support Model City. 

Jingzhou Facts

Chinese Name: 荆州 (jīng zhōu)
Population: 5,739,400
Area: 5,446 square miles (14,104 square kilometers)
Nationalities: Han, Hui, Manchu, Tujia, Miao and Mongolian

Administrative Division: Jingzhou has jurisdiction over two districts, three county-level cities and three counties: Jingzhou District, Shashi District, Shishou City, Honghu City, Jiangling County, Gong'an County, Jianli County and Jingzhou Economic and Technological Development District.

History of Jingzhou

Jingzhou, a cultural ancient city with 2000 years history with the reputation of "the finest under heaven, being overwhelmed by 9 divisions"; one of the cradles of Chu Culture, and used to be the capital of the Chu State during the Spring and Autumn Period for totally 20 emperors, who had left extremely valuable cultural relics from their 400 plus years' reign equally comparable with the ancient Greek and Roman culture. Situated in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, this has been a strategic location of military importance since ancient times. In the Three Kingdom Period (220-589), the city was the focus of many disputes and wars. It is said to have been built with earth by Guan Yu. One of the four Chinese ancient classic works, Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Lo Kuan-Chung, was created just based on this period of history. Jingzhou, as the focus of quarrels then, has left many cultural relics that are related to the stories of Three Kingdoms. Many legends and myths were also produced in this spiritual city.

What to see in Jingzhou?

Being an ancient cultural city with a long history of more than two thousand years, Jingzhou is an important tourism city in Hubei Province. It is famous for the Ancient City of Jingzhou which lays in the south of the centre of Hubei Province and the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Other attractions include: Mt. Balingshan,Honghu Lake, Juzhanghe River, Changhu Lake, Songzihe River, Jingjiang River, Huduhe River...

Jingzhou is It was originally one of the birth places of the culture of Chu State in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC-476 BC) and Warring State Period (476 BC-220 BC), which left extremely valuable cultural relics from their 400 plus years' reign equally comparable with the ancient Greek and Roman culture.

Jingzhou Ancient City.jpgGuanyu TempleJingZhou Museum
       Jingzhou Ancient City          Guanyu Temple        Jingzhou Museum

When to visit Jingzhou?

It is higher west and lower east  densely cover by the network of waterway, as well as lakes; with winding river course. Jingzhou has subtropical humid monsoon climate with four seasons clearly demarcated. Cloudy and sunny days are not certain in spring, it is humid and hot in summer, fine autumns, and dry cold winter. There is plenty of sunshine in Jingzhou and the frost free period is 220-300 days.

Average Temperature: 16 C (61 F) annually
Rainfall: plenty of rain, annual even precipitation 1200 mm; concentrated on June, July and August, as well as spring

Best time to go: Spring and Autumn are the best period to see Jingzhou.

How to get to Jingzhou?

In addition to Jingzhou's important river port along the Yangtze, expressways and a bridge across the Yangtze provide the city with easy access to Hubei's other major cities. State Highway 318, State Highway 207, the Yichang-Huangshi Highway as well as 14 province-level highways lead away from the city in all directions. 

The Jiaozuo-Liuzhou Railway and the Jingmen-Shashi Railway also connect the city with other cities throughout China. Yanka Port in Jingzhou is the third largest port in the middle and upper reaches of Yangtze River, after Wuhan and Chongqing.

Striving to be the "Steel Waist"of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Jingzhou government is putting their effort into industry cultivating, traffic building, and city construction. In the near future, a city, named Jingzhou, will be unveiled to the world with its economic strength ,vitality and enchantment .

Jingzhou Travel Tips

Jingzhou is Land of Fish and Rice:  Jingzhou, which was crowned as "land of fish and rice","the granary of China" , has plenty of resources and products. It is the core area superior agricultural resource and a comprehensive agricultural production base of China. Food production of Jingzhou accounts for about one percent of the country's .The city also produces large quantities of cotton and oil plants, which supply the local needs of the province and are also shipped elsewhere. An agricultural products processing industry system (such as cotton, grain, oil, fruit, vegetable, Livestock And Poultry, fish, forest and paper) has been formed in Jingzhou.

Jingzhou hold an abundance of mineral resources with 35 kinds of minable minerals, the K-rich brines with approved reserves reach 10 billion ton. Jingzhou has a sound industrial foundation, which has 700 up-scale industrial enterprises.  leading industries include machinery, automobile parts, chemicals,agricultural products processing, textile, clothes, light and building materials.

Local Highlights: the Shashi Jing Satin; the Shashi basin and plate golden painted.

Jingzhou International Dragon Boat Festival: It is held in the first week of May for the memorial of Qu Yuan, a famous patriot of Chu State who jumped into the Miluo River.


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