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The Slender West Lake

The Slender West Lake is located  in the northwest of Yangzhou City. It is a man-made lake where beautiful views and historic points coexist.  Like a long wide green ribbon, its beauty lies in the rippling waters, winding dikes, arching bridges, dancing willows and colourful flowers along the bank. 24 attractions along this delicate lake make up a huge water scene. The lake is a state-level scenic resort and gets its name because its outline is long and narrow like a slender, gentle girl.

What to see ?

The scenic resort is a fine example of a traditional Chinese lakeside garden.There are 24 scenic attractions at the lake, including the White Pagoda, the Five Pavilion Bridge, Xiaojin Hill, Fuzhuang, 24 Bridge, and many others. Walking along the lake, one can see many elegant styles of architectures. Some line along the shore of the lake, and others are actually built over the lake. They all possess different kinds of beauty. Numerous poems have been left by famous poets about the beautiful lake adding to its cultural importance.

The highest scenic spot in the lake, Xiaojin Hill offers a breathtaking panorama of the lake from the kiosk on top of the hill. Most of the architectures and rockeries on the hill are remains of the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911).
Fuzhuang is surrounded by water, and got its name because from above it looks like a teal floating in the water. Snacks can be purchased in Fuzhuang, and various performances are held there during festivals.
Of the 24 scenic areas, the one that catches the eyes of tourists most is 24 Bridge. Built with white marble, the bridge is 24 meters (appox.79 feet) long, 24 meters (also appox.79 feet) wide, with 24 parapets and 24 steps hence the name - 24 Bridge. It looks like a marble ribbon fluttering on the water or a rainbow lying over the lake.

Among the 24 scenic areas are artistic kiosks, pleasant pavilions, and small bridges arching over gently flowing streams. The entire area is full of poetic romance, and many poems have been inspired by the scenery. Scenic beauty and historical interests are combined at Slender West Lake, and the strong literary atmosphere makes the lake a brilliant pearl in the historic city of Yangzhou.

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