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Jinggangshan Tarvel Guide

Jinggangshan City,one of the top Red-Tourism destinations of China,is located in the Luoxiao Mountains which cover some 670 square kilometers in the border of Jiangxi and Hunan Province. As a county-level city, Jinggangshan is served by Ji'an City of Jinggangshan Position In Jiangxi ProvinceJingxi Province.Being "the cradle of Chinese Revolution",Jinggangshan City is famous for Jinggangshan Mountain which has a glorious revolutionary history.In Oct.1927,senior proletarian revolutionists such as Mao Zedong and Zhu De set up here the first Rural Revolutionary Base and Opened up a revolution army road with Chinese Characteristics.

Top things to do in Jinggangshan ?

Jinggangshan Tourism in Jinggangshan is characterized by natural ecology,leisure travel,traditions and customs of Hakka,red experience tour and abundant products etc. Jinggangshan Mt is an ideal summer resort that integrates scenery travel and patriotism education. "It is a source of amazement and wonder,presenting a green spring,a red summer,a golden autumn and a silver winter. Jinggangshan Mt is a place of extraordinary beauty and deserves the enjoyment of people all over the world." Director of Tourism Bureau of Austria.

See the beautiful scenery  in Jinggangshan

Jingganshan Mt.,situated in the middle of Luoxiao Mountain Range on the border of Hunan and Jiangxi Provinces,is a blessed land with advantageous position and picturesque landscape.Jinggangshan Mt.has marvelous natural beauty.The total area for sightseeing is 261.43 square kilometers.Here,we can find grand mountains,thick forests,clear creek,beautiful waterfalls,green bamboo and red azalea everywhere.Longtan Waterfalls, Dujuan Mountain, Five-Fingle Peak are the must-see sightings in Jinggangshan Mountainous.

Longtan WaterfallsjinggangshanJinggangshan
      Longtan Waterfalls Cable Car in Jinggangshan Mt.     Landscape in Jinggang Mt.

Visit Red-Tourism Sites in Jinggangshan

Jinggangshan is regarded as "the cradle of Chinese Revolution". Travel to Jinggangshan, you can learn "Jingganshan Spirit" and understand the real history of modern China. Nowadays,footprints of the Red army,houses and relics during the revolution have been well kept,and they have recorded the real fighting scenes at that time.

Ciping is a beautiful and neat mountain town. It is the seat of Jinggangshan city government and a place boasting the most compact Mt. Jinggang revolutionary sites. Wuzhi (Five Fingers) Peak is a natural park for animals and plants. Pictures of the mountains were printed on the back of 100-yuan note of the fourth edition of RMB. Longtan Scenic Area is 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) from Ciping. Within 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) of the Wushen River, there are five waterfalls falling into five pools.  

Ciping Town, Jinggangshan CityCiping Town, Jinggangshan CityCiping Town, Jinggangshan City
       Dajing Village       Mao's Former Risidence        Red Army Park

How to get to Jinggangshan ?

Plan your travel to Jinggangshan, you can take long-distance from Changsha, Nanchang or take train from other cities to Ciping Railway Station or Ji'an Railway Station.

Jinggangshan Airport situated in Taihe County, 30 kilometers from downtown Ji'an and 65 kilometers from Jinggangshan City. At present, it operates flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Beijing-Kowloon Railway passes the city. Jiangxi-Guangdong, Taihe-Jinggangshan expressways and No. 105 and 319 National Highway make it much easier to access. 

When to visit Jinggangshan ?

The best time to visit Jinggang Shan is between April and October, with the most temperature time being in April and May when the large-scaled azaleas on the mountain bloom.

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