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Jingdezhen Travel Guide

江西地图1.jpgJingdezhen City,Known as the "porcelain city" since the Song dynasty, is located on the eastern bank of the Yangtze River, in northeast Jiangxi Province.

Jingdezhen Facts
Chinese Name: 景德镇市 (jǐng dé zhèn shì)
Population: 1,565,100
Urban Population: 500,000
Total Area: 5,256 square kilometers
Nationalities: Han
Zip Code: 333000
Area Code: 0798


Situated in a mountainous area, the topography of Jingdezhen changes from the north-east to the south-west. Most areas in north-east and north-west are dominated by mountains, while the areas in south-east and south-west are dominated by hills of only 200 meters. Chang River and Le'an River cross the region from north to south.

Administrative Division: one city (Leping City), one county (Fuliang County) and two districts (Zhushan District and Changjiang District)


Known as the "porcelain city" since the Song dynasty, it has a long history of over 1700 years of porcelain making. Among the first group of historic and cultural cities, Jingdezhen is hailed as “the Capital of Porcelain” of China, as well as of the globe. If we proclaim that porcelain is the among the greatest inventions of Han Nationality, then we will definitely emphasize that Jiangdezhen is the exact representative of Chinese Porcelain. In addition, an essential and modernized city as it is, Jingdezhen is also an important component of the eco-economic zone in Poyang Region, as well as a famous city with a profound connotation of history and culture.

Ancient people had established several kilns here for the firing of pottery as early as Han Dynasty (206B.C.-220A.D.). In Tang Dynasty (618-907), owing to the premium quality of the soil in the southern region of Jiangxi Province, local residents also combined the advantages of the celadon in south and the white ware in north, initiatively established a bluish white porcelainwith a unique temperament. The porcelain is of crystal and moistening feature, which gained a name of “jadeware” and exported enormously to European countries.

During the period of Jingde in Song Dynasty (920-1279), the prefecture was designated as Jingde County after the reigh title with regard of its premium quality of porcelain, which remained ever since. As it was also the place for the firing of “imperial porcelain”, 4 Chinese characters, “Jing De Yu Zhi”, was inscribed on each bottom of the porcelain as a symbol. A emormous scale of Guan wares were also included here during Ming and Qing Dynasty.


Jingdezhen belongs to the region featured by subtropical monsoon climate, with affluent sun shine as well as ample precipitation annually. The weather is characterized by distinctive 4 seasons and humid and moderate climate. While the place is suitable for visiting at any time within a year, the golden time for travelling is among spring and autumn, since after it enters into the rainy season in July, the region will be dominated by torrential rains yet remaining hot. The winter is somewhat sunny and dry, while it is featured wetter and cloudier climate.

It is generally mild and wet and has a long frost-free period. The annual average temperature is 18˚C (64.4˚F) and the annual rainfall is 1672.7 millimeters.The ideal time to go the city is in the fall due to the comfortable climate.

What to see ?

Jingdezhen is located near to many famous natural attractions including Mt. Huang, Mt. Lu, Mt. Jiuhua, Mt. Sanqing, Mt. Longhu, Mt. Wuyi as well as Poyang Lake and Qiandao Lake. More than 30 ceramics historical ruins have been found in the city, such as the famous ancient ceramic material producing area of Kaolin, the ruin of Hutian ancient kiln and the ruin of the royal kilns in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. There are also many landscapes and sights in the city, such as Ceramic History Museum, Jingdezhen Old Street and Longzhu Pavilion.

Jingdezhen Ceramic MuseumJingdezhen Ancient Kelin MuseumJingdezhen Ancient  Street
  Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum   Jingdezhen Ancient Kelin    Jingdezhen Ancient Street
Fuliang Ancient CityThe Moon Lake Scenic AreaHui style building
   Fuliang Ancient City
       The Moon Lake
       Wuyuan County

How to get there?

By Air: Airways- Jingdezhen Airport is a 4C-level airport for civil usages, which belongs to 100 key airports with sub-lines. The handling capacity of passengers has reached 356,000 people in 2011, with regular flight directed to metropolises including Beijing, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Xiamen, Guangzhou, as well as transfer flight bounded for medium-sized cities including Kunming, Xi’an, Haikou, Sanya Nanning, Zhanjiang and so forth.

By Railways :  Jingdezhen is the hub of Jiangxi Rail lines. Line Jiangxi-Anhui, Line Jiujiang-Quzhou (a inner city of Zhejiang Province), Line Fuyang-Yingtan-Shantou are intersected here which constituted the key hub of Jingdezhen. Meanwhile, the newly established bus station is still under construction, which is expected to be a distinctive station with a sense of antique feature.

By Highways:  Line Hangzhou-Ruili is running from east to west throughout the city, which is available to cities including Wuhan, Nanchang, Hefei to the west, shanghai and Jiujiang Province to the east.
The opening of Line Jinan-Guangzhou has strengthened the connection of southern and northern region.
G206 National Road is running from south to north, which was originally the transportation hub that linked north and south. Line Anhui-Jingdezhen functions essentially as a connection of Beijing-Tianji-Hebei as well as agglomeration in central region.

Travel Tips

Local Specialties: The city is famous for porcelain, including the Blue and White Porcelain, porcelain carving, Glaze Tea Pot and so forth. Besides Deyu “Living” Tea and Jingde Chicken is also among the most favored local specialties.

Local Foods: Cake made from soda and rice, fried wonton, Steamed rice flour with pork, pottery stewed chicken, stewed catfish with beans, cold rice noodles, rice pancake with pepper, Stewed Castanopsis sclerophylla with Tofu.

Events: Jingdezhen International Pottery Festival(景德镇国际陶瓷节)- Initially established in 1990 in Jingdezhen, the pottery city in China, the pottery festival is held annually, on which the competition of pottery production, pottery exhibition, pottery auction as well as discussion conference will be held. 

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