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Shangrao Travel Guide

Shangrao City is famous for Wuyuan County and Sanqingshan Mountain.The city of Shangrao is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province close to the borders with the provinces of Zhejiang in the east and Anhui in the north, while Fujian province lies to the south. The city's immediate neighbors within Jiangxi are Jiujiang, Nanchang, Fuzhou and Yingtan in Jiangxi Province.

Shangrao Facts
Chinese Name: 上饶市 (shàng ráo shì)
Population : 6,760,000  
Area: 22,791 square kilometers (8, 800square miles) 
Nationalities: Han 


Hills and low to medium high mountains are the main features of the landform here. It is separated by Mt. Wuyi from Fujian Province in the south. In addition, it has Huaiyushan Mountains in the central region and offshoots of Mt. Huangshan in north boundary area with Anhui Province. There are rivers crisscrossing to the west of Shangrao with a scattering of many lakes. The soil is fertile in the famous Poyang Lake Plain. 

Administrative Division: 1 district (Xinzhou); 10 counties (Shangrao, Guangfeng, Yushan, Qianshan, Hengfeng, Yiyang, Yugan, Poyang, Wannian, Wuyuan); 1 county-level city (Dexing).


The earliest pottery artifacts discovered in China were at the Xianrendong Site, and Shangrao found to be one of the birthplaces of paddy horticulture in the world. Shangrao includes a long standing history with great cultural implication. It was found that the traces of the production activities of human beings could be dated back to as early as Neolithic period. Besides there are also inscriptions, written in seal character, telling the story of flood-controlling during Yao and Shun Period. Shangrao also includes huge reserve of natural relics, according to the statistic in 2006, there are 1,475 immovable cultural relics, among which 121 ancient cultural sites, 966 ancient architectures, 191 tombs, 95 stone-curving, 102 modern architecture and 7 key historic relief under state protection. 

What to see in Shangrao ?

Sanqingshan Mountain

Mt Saanqingshan is a famous Taoist resort listed among key scenic and areas of historical interest by the country at the junction of Yushan County and Dexing City. The mountain contains ten scenic spots embracing natural wonders of steep cliffs, cloud seas, conifers and waterfalls. There are two main tourist routes. There are very many scenic spots along the southern route, while the rugged north route is more suitable for those who love climbing.

Mt Sanqingshan,Shangrao, Jiangxi Mt Sanqingshan,Shangrao, Jiangxi


Wuyuan County

Wuyuan(婺源)- Wuyuan County is a county of Jiangxi province, which located in the northern Shangyao, northeastern corner of Jiangxi Province, among the six counties under the juristration of ancient Hui Zhou, known as the home of the culture of Hui Zhou.

wuyuan4.jpg wuyuan, Wangkou Town

Wuyuan enjoys the reputation of “the home of academy” as well as “the home of tea”, with its worldwide fame of Rapeseed and Hui-style Architecture. It is said that even your camera will admit defeat once you see the scenery on your own. The haze fog slightly fly upon the river and mountain, around which there are ancient residence, stone footpath, bridges… each of them unveils the essence of Chinese Painting.

Other Scenic Spots: Tortoise Peak, Yuanyang Lake (Lake of Mandarin Ducks), Gexian Mountain.

How to get there?

Shangrao is ideally located at the convergent area of Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian and Anhui, separated from the capital city of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang by Poyang Lake. Around the city, there are five airports that can be reached from the city in one to three hours, including Wuyishan Airport, Quzhou Airport, Jingdezhen Airport, Nanchang Changbei International Airport and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.  

Airways- Mount Sanqing Airport, now under construction, serves for the transportation of scenery spots including Mount Sanqing, Wuyuan and so forth. As a regional airport, the standard of construction aims to reach Grade 4C which is available for the take-off and landing of Boeing 737.
Railways- There are several rail lines running across provinces via Shangrao City, including Line Zhejiang-Ganzhou and Line Xiangtang-Putian. Besides, HeFei-Fuzhou high-speed rail lines(under construction) as well as Line Shanghai-Kunming aim to open more accesses to Shangrao.
Highways- By the end of 2009, there were 2 national highways, 17 provincial lines, 177 county lines, 392 lines of country roads as well as 14,245 lines of village roads. 
Waterways- By the end of 2009, there are 9 ports within Shangrao City, namely Port Poyang, Port Yugan, Port Wannian and so forth. The handling capacity of cargo and passengers had reached 3,542,000 tons, and 829,000 respectively.

When to visit ?

The weather in Shangrao is feathered by subtropical humid weather with monsoon influence. The weather is characterized by a distinctive 4 seasons, with ample precipitation and sunshine as well as a moderate temperature. The annual mean temperature is about 16.7-18.3℃(62.06-64.94℉), visiting here in July. Annual precipitation is about 1600-1800 mm, which mainly focuses on the first month of summer. Wind here is rare, and the relatively moderate weather here is quite suitable for the thriving of crops.

June to October is the most favorable season in which to pay a visit.   

Travel Tips

Special Local Products: Lianshi Paper from Qianshan County, bodiless lacquer from Boyang County, whitebait and white lotus seed from Poyang Lake, kudzuvine herbal medicines, rice cake of Yiyang County, pearls from Wannian County, Longwer Inkstone (also She Inkstone).

Event: Xiannv Lake Valentine Day(仙女湖情人节), Valentine Party is held from 22nd to 28th in August in the region of Xiannv Lake, Xinyu, which welcomes all the couples around the whole city. There will be collective ceremony of marriage held along the river bank, followed by a series of recreational activities including swimming contest, Couple Dancing of Li Nationality, Water-Sprinkling Festival of Dai Nationalities, as well as extraordinary cultural shows.

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