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Nanchang Travel Guide

Nanchang City In JiangxiNanchang City, the capital of Jiangxi Province, is a city among the essential Agglomerations in the middle reaches of Yangtze River. It is situated in central-north region within Jiangxi Province, in the lower course of Gan River and Fu River, bordering Boyang Lake to the southwest.Dynamic, clean, modern and ancient, while they are suitable for the description of Nanchang, the city has undoubtedly performed much better than language definition, for it embraces both historic buildings as well as leading the latest fashion trend. As a paradise of life, the city is the center of entertainment, filled with joy and comfort.

Nanchang Facts

Nanchang City (南昌市 Nán Cháng Shì)

Population: 5.043 million

Area: 740,236 Square Kilometers

Nationalities: Han, Hakka, Manchu, Hui

History of Nanchang 

Nanchang,the name of the city literally means 'a prosperous south part of China,is a famous city abundant in cultural and historic relic, in which the existence of life could be tracked back to 5,000 years ago. About 3,000 years ago, ancient residents gathered in this curve region from Aixi Lake in the north to Qingyunpu in the south, and it was through their dedication that rendered the region into prosperity.

As a city with 2200-year history, Nanchang has witnessed the prosperity as well as, to be sure, the decline of each dynasty, with officials and common civilians incessantly passing by and ancient building standing as a mark of respect. On August 1st, 1927, Nanchang uprising was broken out here, which shocked the whole world, and craved an immortalized legend in the modern history of China.

What to see in Nanchang ?

Long and splendid history endows the city with many cultural relics, amongst which the Tengwang Pavilion is the most famous.The over 1000-year-old Tengwang Pavilion and the praised 'Essay on Tengwang Pavilion' ensure the fame of Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi Province. It is no exaggeration to say that Tengwang Pavilion is the pride of all the locals. Many men of letters left their handwritings here which tremendously enhance its classical charm. There are also many other beautiful attractions, such as Lushan National Park, Dragon and Tiger Mountain, Mt. Jinggang and Poyang Lake.

Top Attractions in Nanchang

Tengwang Pavilion NanchangLushan MountainMao Zedong in Jinggangshan Mt.
       Tengwang Pavilion       Lushan Mountain        Jinggangshan Mountain
Poyang LAke Longhu Mountain, Longhushan,Dragon and Tiger MountainNanchang Uprising Memorial Hall
          Poyang Lake
       Longhu Mountain  Nanchang Up-rising Memorial Hall

Top Events in Nanchang

Sengjin Tower Temple Fair(绳金塔庙会)

Each year, the ancient stage under Shengjin Tower will be enlivened by the opera fans who gather here for the enjoyment of premium performance from September to October. Besides, there is a street stretching out of the tower, on which numerous specialties and commodities filled the stalls. The Snack Street as well as cultural tourism street are also appealing to your appetite!
Lake Boyang Crab Festival(鄱阳螃蟹节)

The Poyang Lake Crab Festival will be hosted along Lake Boyang in October, which, to be true, the lens of camera will be centered on crabs. In addition to Crab King Election and sale exhibitions, it is also available for tourist to visit the field of crab as well as participating in firework party, and most importantly, you are surely get the premium crab at a good bargain here. 

When to visit Nanchang ?

Nanchang involves a sub-tropic humid monsoon climate, characterized by a wet and moderate weather, with affluent sunshine. The period of summer and winter are more prevailing compared with that of spring and autumn. As a typical city with a hot summer and a chill winter, it is humorously referred to as a “fireplace” in summer, whereas the winter is chill and wet. Annual precipitation usually reach 1600-1700mm, which may lasts for 147-157 days, owing to which the annual humidity is up to 78.5%.  North wind and south wind dominate winter and summer respectively. Besides, the city is endowed with great advantage of the growth of flower, regarded as an ideal region for the construction of a “garden city”.

April to June gathers almost half of the its total precipitation of a year. The best times to visit is during spring due to the nice and comfortable weather.

How to get there?

Airways:  Airlines in Nanchang has achieved enormous growth over past days. Changbei International Airport was established on Oct.20th , 1996, which has been served as the essential hub for international travel service as well as freight transport after the completion in 1999.

Railways:  Nanchang includes a development railway system. Nanchang Railway Station is of great importance for it is the solely capital station of Line Beijing-Jiujiang. Besides, Lines including Zhejiang-Gan River, Nanchang-Jiujiang are intersected here. Xiangtang Station, is the 2nd largest marshalling station with 98 high-lines in the south suburban region of Nanchang.

Highways:  There are numbers of lines directed toward Hunan Province, Hubei Province, Zhejiang Province and Fujian Province etc. within 5 hours, which is referred to as the economic zone with the center of Nanchang.

Waterways- The waterway is also convenient in Nanchang, since lines are available to important ports through Gan River, Jin River and Boyang Lake, directed to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Nanjing and Wuhan.

Travel Tips

Local Specialties: Nanchang includes the largest wholesale market in Jiangxi Province, and once you visit that place, Jiangxi Fan, Nanchang porcelain painting, Fermented soybeans, Lidu Kaoliang spirit, Anyi loquat and Soft-shelled turtle are highly recommended.

Local Foods: With Jiangxi Cusine as its mainstream dishes, Nanchang dish is characterized by fresh and hot. Nanchang rice noodles, Pottery Soup, Fried Artemisia with bacon, Shitou Street crispy twists, and Steamed sugar sponge cake are among our recommendation.

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