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Qingyunpu Garden

Qingyun Pu Garden is a typical southern garden lying 5 km southwards of Nanchang city in Jiangxi Province, China.Located in the garden,Ba Da Shanren Memorial Hall is one of the must-see place if you visit the Qingyunpu Garden.


Qingyunpu Garden once was once a famous Taoist Temple originally built in Western Han Dynasty (202 B.C.-A.D. 09) named Meixian Temple. Its title changed with the alternations of dynasties. Till Qing Dynasty, it became the residence of a famous artist Ba Da Shanren, and got the name we call today.

With the time goes by, the garden declined day by day. When the time reaches 1950s, Chinese government repaired the buildings and redecorated them as the first memorial hall for an ancient artist - Ba Da Shanren Memorial Hall.

What to see ?

Three main yards lining a main spindle of the garden, they are the Front Yard - Guanyu Hall, the Inner Yard - Master Lv Hall and the Back Yard - Master Xu Hall. The sub-buildings: Sanguan Hall, Doulao Pavilion and Yuanqiao Temple stand either side, as the left and right wings of the main construction. Besides, there are numerous osmanthus trees planted on the back yard and in each autumn, when people traveling there, they can smell the sweet scent.

Ba Da Shanren Memorial Hall locates in Qingyun Pu Garden. It is the first memorial hall built for ancient artist. In fact, it is the former residence of Ba Da Shanren - Zhu Da, who was a master of Chinese Landscape Painting in the early Qing Dynasty and lived as a hermit to concentrate on his artistic creation. Ba Da Shanren Memorial Hall is a memorial museum seting collections, exhibitions, research and advocacy as a whole, with rich collections. 
The memorial hall covers an area of 1 hectare, and there are pavilions, pagodas and bridges, hills, waters and plants built in well balance that created a pleasant environment. The name board inscribed by the constructions of the hall once to be the Taoist temples and pavilions, in 1959, Chinese government rebuilt the garden and turned the Taoist buildings into memorial exhibition halls. 
The memorial hall has rich collections. Over 80 artistic works are displayed in different exhibition halls. You may also have chance to appreciate outstanding works of other modern artists as the memorial hall will regularly hold art exhibitions to show people the master pieces of Chinese painting.

Travel Tips

Add:No.259 Qingyunpu Road, Qingyunpu District, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China.

Entrance Fee: 

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30

Transport: You may take Bus Route 115 at Jinggangshan Avenue, or take Bus Route 20 in downtown Nanchang to reach the Memorial Hall directly. 

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