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Jiayuguan Overview

Jiayuguan City is one of the popular destinations in Gansu.It is situated in the northwest of China's Gansu Province, with Yumen City to its west, the snow-capped Qilian Mountain to its south.Jiayuguan City, with a history of more than 600 years, is an Jiayuguan Position Mapimportant city of tourism on the ancient Silk Road.

Facts of Jiayuguan City

Chinese Name: 嘉峪关 (jiā yù guān)
Population: 300,000
Area: 3,000 square kilometers
Nationalities: Han, Hui, Tibetan, Dongxiang, Yugu, Baoan, Hazake, Tu, Sala, Manchu, and Mongolian
Zip Code: 735100
Area Code: 0937


Jiayuguan City is located in the Gobi desert, at the middle of Hexi Corridor.. As one of the twelve prefecture-level cities in Gansu, Jiayuguan is situated in the northwestern part of the province and the middle of Hexi Corridor. It is bordering Jiuquan city, a place of strategic importance in the east, 776 kilometres away from the provincial capital Lanzhou city, Yumen city, an oil city in the west, 650 kilometres away from Hami city of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Qilian Mountain and Sunan Yugur Autonomous County in the south, over 300 kilometres away from Qinghai province.

Jiayuguan CityAdministrative Division

Jiayuguan City boasts three districts (Changcheng District, Xiongguan District, Jingtie District), eight sub-district offices (Wuyi, Xinhua, Qianjin, Shengli, Jianshe, Chaoyang, Yuyuan, Jingtieshan Diggings) and three towns (Yuquan, Wenshu, Xincheng).


Jiayuguan City has a history over 630 years. In 1372, during the Ming Dynasty, a fortress was built to protect the last frontier of the Chinese empire. It was completely built up in 1540 and became a small township engaged in local trading, catering to the needs of the military garrisons stationed at the fort. The city was used to be the pass of the famous Silk Road and the first pass at the west end of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty...More

Climate & Weather

Jiayuguan City possesses a continental desert climate, warm and aridity with the frost-free period of 160 days. The average temperature is about 6.7C (44F) – 7.7C (18.1F) , of which the lowest temperature is -21C (-5.8F) in January and the highest is 34C (93F) in July. It has an annual precipitation of 100 millimeters, with rainfall concentrated in summer. The weather is sandstorm from March to May and strong wind from November to December...More


Jiayuguan City is situated in the middle of Hexi Corridor, at the northwest part of Gansu Province. As a famous tourism city in China with amazing frontier cultural and natural landscape, Jiayuguan City is the main hub of the Silk Road and the western starting point of the Great Wall since ancient time. Visitors can get there by air,trains,long-disdance bus from some cities in China...More


Jiayuguan City is a famous tourism city in China with amazing frontier cultural and natural landscape.It is rich in tourism resources: the well-known Jiayuguan Pass, the suspended section of the Great Wall, the beacon tower relics, the Museum of the Great Wall, the Xincheng Fresco, the Qiyi Glacier, the Gobi desert and the its landscape, the Wenshu Mountain Grotto, the Heshan Mountain Grotto and the International Gliding Base. 

Jiayuguan PassJiayuguan is a charming city. It is one end of the world-known Great Wall (The Great Wall which starts from the Shanhaiguan Pass winds its way thousand miles and finally stops at Jiayuguan city). In the city, visitor can see tall furnaces pointing to the sky, large buildings standing side by side, rows of poplar trees guarding the wide streets. 

Jiayuguan City is also referred to as "the steel city in China's northwest". Jiayuguan Pass is the landmark of the city. It is the main hub of the Silk Road and the western starting point of the Great Wall since ancient time. The most famous eight spots of Jiayuguan City are Jiayuguan Pass, Jiayuguan International Glide Base, The First Fire Tower of the Great Wall, Overhanging Great Wall, Weijin Tomb, Heishan cliff painting, Great Wall Museum and Qiyi Glacier, which you should never miss during your Jiayuguan tour.

Jiayuguan Today

In the meantime, that Jiayuguan is a notable City of Steel in Gobi is attributed to the Gansu Jiu Steel Group, a biggest iron and steel complex in northwestern China. After 40-year development at a good clip, especially since the reform and opening-up policy has been carried out, Jiayuguan has made headway in economy, with metallurgical industry dominating, businesses and tourism supporting. As the burgeoning industrial city, Jiayuguan is now creating its brilliant future so that travelers can have a taste of dynamic and grandeur.

Jiayuguan City is remarkably dissimilar to any other city in China. Buildings are tall and new; apartment blocks are uniform - and everything looks like it was put there yesterday. Pollution from the heavy industry that lies to the west of the city must get dispersed in the pristine environment of the Gobi Desert and Qilian Mountains before it settles over the city. So curiously, the city remains clean. 

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