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Changchun Travel Guide

Changchun City, the capital of Jilin Province,is located in the central part of Songliao Plain in Northeast China. Changchun is the second largest city in Northeast China and the political, economic and cultural center of the province. If the territory of China is in a shape of rooster, therefore this city is one eye of this huge rooster.

Facts of Changchun

Population: 7,240,000
Area: 20,751 square kolimeters (about 8,012 square miles)
Area code: 0431
Zip code: 130000
Nickname: City of Cars


Changchun has suffered a lot of hardships, especially in modern times. In 1931 Japan entered and occupied entire northeast part of China, which can be considered the prelude of Sino-Japan War. Obviously the city became a colony of Japan. On March 1, 1932, Puyi, the last emperor of China, set up Manchukuo here supported by Japan, taking it as the capital. From then on brutal rule of Japanese upon Chinese people had begun. After a long time of struggle and resistance, the city finally broke off the ruthless rule, stepping into a normal development.

What to see in Changchun ?

Changchun is undeniable that the place is also a good travel destination. The natural sceneries lie in lakes and forests. Nanhu Park (South Lake Park),Jingyuetan National Forest Park are good places for you to enjoy the pleasure given by nature. Especially in winter the whole city will give you a real enjoyment of genuine winter. Besides, there are colonial vestiges, such as Puppet Emperor's Palace, Badabu. Still Changchun Film Studio and Movie Wonderland provide you another different kind of enjoyment comparing with simply watching movies in cinemas. 

Jingyuetan ParkJilin MuseumThe Museum of Imperial Palace of Manchu State
         Jingyuehu Park        Jilin Museum    Manchu State Imperial Palace
Changchun Movie Wonderland,The Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo KingdomChangbai Mountain
  Changchun Movie Wonderland   Ancient Koguryo Kingdom     Changbai Mountain

When to go ?

In Changchun,Spring is dry and windy; summer is wet and rainy; autumn is sunny and cool; winter is cold. Generally speaking rain and heat come in the same season. Besides, favorable climate and enough sunshine provide very good condition for the growth of crops. The area teems with corn and soybean; therefore it is praised as barn.

Changchun is of monsoon climate, locating in the transitional belt from wet area to sub-dry area. The four seasons varies a lot and the climate is rather pleasant, therefore it is honored Spring City of Northland.

How to get there ?

51 trains begin or pass by Changchun Railway Station everyday; more than thirty domestic airlines and four international lines of Changchun Longjia International Airport provide you much convenience of transportation. Four main speedways have connected the city with many parts of the country. At present there are four special tourist trains having been in use, Changchun to Xianghai (for watching lovely birds), to Changbai Mountain (for enjoying Heavenly Lake), to Jilin (for tasting real ice and snow) and to Hunchun (for feel exotic flavor of Russia).

Travel Tips

As the fast development of tourist industry, those related tourist facilities are also in a quick growth. Nowadays there are more than 30 star-rated hotels in the city, among which three hotels are five-star rated.

Nightlife in Changchun: Nightlife here is not as colorful and romantic as that of other big cities in China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, however, it has its own distinctive flavor which can be only known after you taste it in person. Various kinds of pubs, coffee bars, teahouses and other amusement centers will make you feel at ease.

Shopping in Changchun: Changchun is very convenient for shopping; Chongqing Lu, Guangfu Market, Renmin Plaza, etc. are all crowded business area. Moreover there are many large malls are waiting for you, such as Changchun Department Store, Changbaishan Shopping Center, International Trade Center, Charter Shopping Center, an the like. Some of stores in the city sell speciality local products of Jilin Province and some handcrafts made by local peasants, such as woodcarvings, grass intertextures, bark pictures, feather pictures, and so on and all make unique gifts for friends and relatives. In addition you can buy authentic ginsengs and deer antlers at low price.

Dining in Changchun: Changchun is famous for its fertile soil and abundant resources with various delicacies providing rich sources for gourmet dining. What interest visitors most are the game dishes, as they are found in no other part of China, though Changchun dining still presents other cuisines of China. I can assure you that whenever you come to the city your mouth will water upon seeing the variety of foods and dishes available here.

Nicknames of Changchun

Compared with other historical cities in the country like Beijing and Xian, Changchun is a young city with only 200 years' history; however the present city is charming with several fine names which can give you a general impression of this big city.

City of Automobiles: The city is the cradle of Chinese automobile industry, a famous auto city in the country. On July 13, 1956, a truck branded with Jiefang was produced, which opened a new age for the country's auto industry. This truck was the first automobile entirely made by Chinese. Famous International Automobile Fair makes it a real City of Automobiles.
City of Films: Changchun Film Studio was the first one after the found of PRC. It is praised as the cradle of the country's film industry. For dozens of years, a great many excellent domestic films and dubbed films were produced here which gained a good fame for the film studio both at home and abroad. As a calling card, ceremonious Changchun Film Festival has enhanced its honor City of Film. Film is an intermedium. The outsiders have known more about this city through film; while the city has presented more of itself by films.

Forest City: Woods, forest, people, city interweave together to show you a distinctive characteristic of the city. 39% of the city's ground has been clothed with greenage, which makes it one of top cities in this aspect. Green plants in and around make the city become a big oxygen bar, providing people to enjoy real fresh air.

Festivals in Changchun

Changchun International Automobile Fair
This is one of three well-known automobile expositions throughout China. It is held bi-annually in July or August and as a rule, its theme is to present new types of automobiles and auto culture. It is true to say that this exposition has attracted a great many auto manufacturers, dealers and the press both from home and aboard. Changchun International Automobile Fair has become one of most important and famous expositions of Changchun.

Changchun International Agriculture Exposition
Just as its name implies, it is based on the theme of agriculture, which is usually ignored by most people and is held in every year in August. Nowadays this exposition is an important part of Changchun culture and life of all the people there.

Changchun International Sculpture Exposition
From 1997, hundreds of sculptors from both home and abroad have contributed many exquisite and amazing works for the Changchun International Sculpture Exposition. The eighth exposition will be held in September 2006 in the World Sculpture Garden. What makes this exposition famous is that its large number of participants and sculpture experts, a variety of schools and genres, the high quality of cultural taste and the richness of content.

Changchun International Film Festival
It is held bi-annually from 23 to 28 August. At every festival there will be Golden Deer and Silver Deer Awards for films both Chinese and foreign. In addition there are many other associated activities, including the film exchange conference, Chinese play books exchange, wonderful performance of Yangge and the Guandong Food Festival, etc.

Changchun Folk Art Exposition
Taking 'presentation and discovery of folk art' as the main theme, it creates a new way to show itself to people. Its abundant content, dynamic means of exhibition and irresistible art glamour have attracted many people who have thoroughly enjoyed it. Nowadays, the Folk Art Exposition is a highlight for both the cultural life of the local and the development of the exposition economy.

Changchun Ice & Snow Festival
It started in 1998 and is held annually starting in January and lasting about two months. It is a very important festival for both locals and tourists alike and during this festival, almost all streets, parks, plazas are decorated with vivid and exquisite ice and snow sculptures. You will feel that you are in winter wonderland, unbelievably beautiful. Meanwhile there are many other activities including education, tourism, art, trade, culture, etc. being held during the festival period as well.

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