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Jiuzhaigou Overview

Jiuzhaigou County,previously known as Nanping County until being renamed in 1998,is located in the northeastern part of A'ba Tibetan & Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Sichuan Province. Since the opening of the Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area in 1984, visitors have flocked to the region year by year, and the prosperous tourist industry now accounts for a large proportion of local revenue.

Jiuzhaigou MapFacts of Jiuzhaigou County

English Name: Jiuzhaigou
Chinese Name: 九寨沟 ( Jiu Zhai Gou )
Administration Type: County
Location: Aba Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, in North Sichuan Province,China
Area: 5,290 km² 
Population (2015): 81,400

Tel Code: + 86837

Post Code:6234000

Nationality: Qiang, Tibetan,Han

Geography of Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou County is located in the northeastern part of A'ba Tibetan & Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Sichuan Province.It borders Wenxian,Zhouqu,Diebu Counties of Gansu Province to east and north,as well as borders Ruoergai,Pingwu,Songpan Counties of Sichuan Province to west and south.With 1,000-4,000 above sea level, Jiuzhaigou is situated in the east border of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,and there are many mountains, gorges,and rivers in the county.Covering an area of 5,290 sq km, Jiuzhaigou County boast 3 towns and 12 townships.The capital of Jiuzhaigou County is Nanping Town.

The county of Jiuzhaigou are covered in dense vegetation. The wildlife here is shy, but the range is equally impressive, including 27 protected rare and endangered species like the giant panda, golden monkey, gnu, white-lip deer, black-neck crane, swan, lovebirds, red-belly golden pheasant, snow leopard, forest musk deer, and otters. However, visitors are more likely to spot some of the 141 bird species than one of the very few pandas remaining in the park.

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History of Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou, also called 'Yangtong' in ancient times.The area of Jiuzhaigou as well as the upper reaches of the Jialing River and Minjiang River are called the land of Shiqiang (Qiang ethnic minority ) in ancient times, where human activities have been recorded dating back as early as to o the Yin-Shang Period (16th- 11th Century B. C.). According lo The Records of Songpan (vol. I - Rivers and Mountains), the 'Jade Sea is 50-odd kilometers to the northeast county, within the territory of Zhongyang Tongfan Tribe. Its valleys are as long as several kilometers with green water and jade-like ripples.' This evidences that the Jade Sea beauty was well known as far back in ancient times...More

Climate & Weather in Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou is about 1,900–3,100 meters above sea level, on a plateau with a moist climate. The weather in Jiuzhaigou changes, and it is usually sunny during the day and rainy at night. Don’t worry about your journey in Jiuzhaigou, as you can finish your visits during the day. There are distinguishing features of Jiuzhaigou during each season, such as flowers in the spring, greenery during the summer, colorful leaves during the autumn, and a special Jiuzhaigou in the winter, when everything is covered by snow...More

Jizhaigou Tourism

Jiuzhaigou County is famous for Jiuzhaigou Valley, and it is one of the top tourism industry counties in China.Jiuzhaigou Valley was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, and in 1997 awarded the status of UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve, and has since received many other, well-deserved listings.

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