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Guandu Ancient Town

Guandu Ancient Town,located in the north side of Dianchi Lake, about 8km away from  Kunming City.Covering a total area of 17 square km,Guandu Ancient Town boasts many cultural and historic heritage sites which are famous for "five mountains", "six temples","seven pavillions",among of them were built during the Tang, Song, Yuan,Ming and Qing Dynasties.The Ancient Town was formerly a jatty neayby Dianchi Lake,but it was the largest town in the center area of Yunnan during the Tang Dynasty, and became one of the most famous business town in the Ming and Qing Dynastyies.


Nowadays, Guandu Acient Town is the 4A class national scenic area for most travlers to select one of the must-see places while they tour in Kunming City. Here, some ancient houses and archetectures are preserved so that it attracts many tourist from home and abroad every day.

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