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Nightlife in Kunming

Nightlife in Kunming does not differ a lot from other cities in China. Bars, KTV, disco and other clubs can easily be found around the city. Kun To Night Market gathers a lots of bars and clubs for people to enjoy their night in Kunming. Generally speaking, there are special cultural activities in Kunming all the year round, including flowers and plants exhibitions, festivals, photography exhibitions and so on.

The fantastic Yunnan ethnic folk dance is also one of the most wonderful nightlife activities for you to take part in. Among all the dances there, Peacock Dance is the most popular one, which will be introduced later.

◎ Kun To Night Market

This night market is simply the biggest night spots of Kunming. The area consists of a few streets, full of bars, discos, night clubs, and live music place. There's even a big gay nightclub located near to the entrance, with attractive big nude male posters. Cannot imagine China is so open nowadays.

◎ Yunnan Impression Show

Yunnan Impression Show, also called Dynamic Yunnan, strikes an extraordinary contrast between the past and present, tradition and modern life. The performance captures the essence of original rural songs and classical folk dances by means of the artistic director's reorganization and recreation, combining beauty of Yunnan ethnic minorities dance and songs with the power of modern stage exhibition. Therefore the richness of the culture of Yunnan minorities is born again on stage with startling effects. The audience will be amazed at the vibrant colors, vivid costumes, flowing dances, and ancient tunes...more


◎ Bars and Clubs

Kunming International Club

Add: 57 Xiba Road, Kunming

Hours: 8:00PM - midnight

Diwang Nightclub

Add: 216 Huannan Road, Kunming

Hours: 8:00PM - midnight

New Culture Bar

Add: 60 Tudong Road, Kunming

Hours: 8:00PM - 5:00AM

Top One Disc

Add: 3rd floor, King World Hotel, Kunming

Hours: 8:00PM - 5:00AM

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