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Baotou Travel Guide

Inner-mongolia-mapPlan your Baotou travel ? Known as "the oriental Moscow" of Inner Mongolia,Baotou City is located 160km west of Hohhot. Baotou contains one of the largest steel mills in China.Baotou is the biggest city which incorporates the largest green area in Inner Mongolia.The city of Baotou is actually an industrial city as well as the largest city in Inner Mongolia. Baotou literally means "the land with deer". The city offers an easy access for travellers who want to travel the Gobi desert. The nearest and most accessible part of the Gobi is a sand dune filled gorge called Resonant Sand Gorge, about 60 kilometres south of Baotou.

Baotou Facts

Chinese Name: 包头市 (bāo tóu shì)
Area: 27,768 square kilometers (10,721 square miles)
Population: 2,458,000
Area Code: 0472
Zip Code: 014025
Nationalitis: Mongol, Han, Hhui

Geography of Baotou

Baotou is located at the foot of the Yinshan Mountains, and on the bank of the Yellow River. The people living in the vast land have made some brilliant achievements. The city has successively won the titles of National Civilized City, Garden City, and National Excellent Tourist City. This leisure capital situated on grassland well displays its charm with its natural resources and cultural assumptions.

Administrative Divisions: 6 districts: Kundulun, Donghe, Qingshan, Shiguai, Baiyun Mineral, Jiuyuan; 1 county: Guyang ;2 qis: Tumote (Tumote) You, Daerhan Maoming (Darhan Mumingan) Lianhe  (Qi, or Banner, is a county-level administrative organ in Inner Mongolia)Seat of the City Government: 29, Gangtie Da Jie, Kundulun District

History of Baotou 

The city of Baotou has a profound history and abundant cultural relics. Human settlers moved there as early as six thousand years ago in the Neolithic Age. During the Warring States Period (476BC-221BC), the Zhao State built the wall in the present suburb of Baotou, which is said by Chinese historians to be the oldest section of the Great Wall. In the contemporary age, the area became a port and a town of great commercial importance for the fur trade, which relied on the waterways of the Yellow River. The railway construction from Beijing expanded to Baotou. However, Baotou is most famous for the discovery of the Baiyun'ebo iron mine in the early Twentieth Century.

What to see in Baotou ?    

Visit the Mongolian yurts, drink a bowl of warm milk tea, and enjoy eating mutton with your hands, which are all indispensable ways to experience the Mongolian customs in Baotou.If the ancient Great Wall, grassland, desert and the Mongolians created the unique culture of the city, rich mineral resources allowed it to develop as a modern industrial city, reputed now as the 'steel capital on grassland' and the 'capital of rare earth'.Saihan Tala Grassland is the only grassland in China that is located in a city center. Some 100 kilometers away in Ordos's desert, the Genghis Khan Mausoleum is also a must for visitors as it is not too far away. Here lists top attractions in Baotou.

Genghis Khan's Mausoleum, Ordos City,Wudangzhao MonasteryKubuqi Desert, 库布齐沙漠
   Genghis Khan's Mausoleum      Wudangzhao Monastery        Kubuqi Desert

When to visit Baotou ?

Baotou City is located in western Inner Mongolia. It lies between the Tumochuan and Hetao Plains. The Yinshan Mountains wind through the center of the city. The Daqing and Wula Mountains are the main peaks of the city whose average altitude is 2,000 meters (6,562 feet). Bounded in the center by mountainous area, there are plateau grassland region in the north and plain area in the south. The Yellow River flows through the south of the city.

Baotou enjoys a semi-dry continental monsoon climate in the middle temperate zone. It is dry and windy in spring (March to May), and the rainfall becomes common in summer (especially in July and August). Weather in autumn is sunny while the winter is cold and it seldom rains or snows. The city enters winter in November. Late December to early January is the coldest period. The average temperature of January is about -11℃ (12.2℉). The hottest period ranges from late June to early July and the temperature may reach 39℃ (102.2℉).

In consideration of the strong wind blowing with sand and coldness in winter, May to October is thought to be the best time to visit Baotou. Although it is torrid in midsummer, the weather is cool morning and evening. Visitors going to the area in spring and autumn should bring a sweater. At cool night hours in summer, trousers and frocks are necessary.

How to get to Baotou ?

Baotou is a waterfront city of 1,300,000, the largest in Inner Mongolia. The city lies along the Yellow River on its Great Bend. Its major dock called Nanhaihu was located on the north bank of the Nanhai Wetland Scenic Area. It was an important ferry terminus in the old channel of the Yellow River. At present, the city is a major traffic hub including highway, rail and air transportation linking north and northwest China.

Baotou's modern airport operates scheduled flights to many of China's bigger cities. Major rail lines like Jingbao (Beijing – Baotou) and Baolan (Baotou – Lanzhou) intersect in the city. In addition to Beijing and Lanzhou, rail service extends southeast to Shanghai and Ningbo; west to Yinchuan and south to Taiyuan and Xian. Two national highways (nos. 110 and 210) connect the city with several other cities. The Hubao Expressway connects Baotou to Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia.

For intra-city transportation, Baotou has more than 6,000 taxis and some forty-eight bus lines that blanket the city and even service the suburbs.

Travel Tips

Religious Centers
Baotou City Church 
Address: 22, Dageliao Jie, Donghe District
Notes: There are churches in south section of Linyin Lu and middle section of Moni Lu

Baotou Catholic Church
Address: about 200 meters (219 yards) north of Caishenmiao in Donghe District

Great Mosque
Address: 5, Shengli Lu, outside of the North Gate of Donghe District

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