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Manzhouli Travel Guide

Inner-mongolia-mapManzhouli,also called Manchuli, is a county-level city which is located in northeast of Hulunbeier League,Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.Aa a border city,Mazhouli City is so cahrmful with Russia style that it has been attracting lots of visitor from home and abroad in recent years.

History of Manchuli City

Established in 1901 as a stop on the Trans-Manchurian Railway which was being built at the time as a shortcut between the main line of the Trans-Siberian Railway and Vladivostok, Russia. 

Now it is more like an international marketplace where Russians cross the border in search of cheap and portable items for selling back in the Motherland.

Top things to do in Manchouli City 

Located in the northeast of Inner Mongolia, Manzhouli is the largest border crossing between China and Russia.  Read More: Top 10 attractions in Manzhouli.

Visit The Old China-Russia Border Crossing, also called Guomen in Chinse, has an exhibition about the history of the area and a trade market where just about anything is offered. You will need your passport to access Guomen. - Correction: Foreigners are not allowed to enter the Guomen area, regardless of whether they have passports or not. Also, while the trade market on the Chinese side does offer a great variety of goods, the prices are extremely inflated and you can get a much better deal back in Manzhouli.

Watch the Russian Dancers Show 

If you come to Manzhouli, you should see a show. Every night popular nightclubs have interesting shows with Russian dancers, Chinese acrobats, singers and sometimes even Russian or Mongolian pole dancers and strip tease artists - both men and women.Manzhouli CityDo cheap shopping in Manzhouli City

Mamzhouli City is a paradise for Russian because it is the cheap shopping and it can be fun and interesting to haggle with the vendors.

More you can also do in Manzhouli 

Although Manzhouli is a small city by Chinese standards there is lots to do there. There are at least five Russian clubs and the Chinese love to party at a club called Banana.There are literally dozens of restaurants catering to Russians and many of them have shows with traditional and modern Russian dancing and also Chinese acrobats.

Manzhouli also has lots of funny statues around town that people enjoy taking pictures with. There are statues of Santa Claus, hip hop dancers, two men carrying a keg of beer among many others. It is amazing to see.

You can also enjoy going to a luxurious banya or traditional Chinese bath house.

You can get a massage here and experience cupping or other aspects of traditional Chinese medicine.

You'll also want to get out to the grasslands.

Also, it can be fun to walk around Manzhouli and just marvel at the Russian-inspired architecture.

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