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Mongols Imperial City

The scenic area of the Mongols’Imperial City,is located in Balagle Town,Xilingol League,Inner Mongola Regiom.It lies in the site of 280km on the Road 280 feom Xilingol to Chifeng City.The scenic area is a popular attraction in the Xilingol Grassland.

Mongols Imperial City Mongols Imperial City

The Mongols’Imperial City was historically located in the southeast of the Outer City at the Xanadu Site in Xilingoal.But is was destroied during the peassants up-ring in the late Yuan Dyansty.There, you can see that streets were neatly and symmetrically built, and there were many associated offices and temples. Qianyuan Temple and Huayan Temple were situated in the northwest and northeast corners respectively. The site of the southern Mingde Gate is still there today.

Mongols Imperial City Mongols Imperial City

The Imperial Palace of Xanadu was half as large as the Forbidden City in Beijing. It was located a bit north to the center of Imperial City. All the main palaces, pavilions, government offices were built, and over 30 remnants of halls were discovered within the palace compound. These included the sites of the Crystal Palace, Hongxi Hall, Muqing Hall, and Da’an Pavilion. Da’an Pavilion, in the center of this palace, was the most significant building in the city, and also the symbol of Xanadu. In the north was the site of Muqing Hall. From the remains of the huge base, as tall as the wall, you can imagine the grandeur of this once largest building in the Imperial Palace. This palace boasted three gates with Yutian Gate in the south as the most important, for any imperial decree had to be announced there at first.

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