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China-Russia Cross-border Bridge

The China-Russia cross-border railway bridge linking Russia and China officially was constructed on Russia's far eastern Jewish Autonomous Oblast in 2014. The 6735-meter bridge connects Tongjiang Port in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province with the Russian village of Nizhneleninskoye.

The bridge, designed with an annual passage capacity of 21 million tons, is expected to highly improve the transportation conditions of Tongjiang port and offer a shortcut between China and Russia's Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Amur Oblast, Khabarovsk Krai, Magadan Oblast and Sakha (Yakut) Republic.

The construction was forecast to take two and a half years with an estimated total investment of 2.583 billion Chinese yuan (about 422 million U.S. dollars).China Railway Engineering Corporation, the Heilongjiang provincial government, and the Far East & Baikal Region Development Fund Open Joint Stock Company were the project's investors. 

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