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Nanning Travel Tips

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Nanjing Travel Tips

1. Summer of Nanning is very hot. Don't go there in Summer.

2. The best time to visit Nanning is Spring and Winter.

3. Cantoneese is spoken widely in Nanning. Most of them can understand Mandarin.

4. Zhuang people are the major ethnic group in Guangxi and Nanning.

Festivals in Nanning

March 3rd Singing Fair 

Every year on lunar March 3rd, Zhuang people hold various interesting singing games to celebrate this ancient festival. Singing to find spouses or friends, echoing singing, song name guessing are all particular activities of this wonderful ethnic group. Local operas will also be played, quite attractive to those who are interested in Chinese folk music.

Dragon Boat Competition
In May and October every year, colorful dragon boats throng Yang Mei River in Yangmei Ancient Town. Drum beats start the competition and thousands of spectators cheer for the boats. Such an exciting scene should not be missed when you are in Yangmei.

China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) 
Every November, CAEXPO sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and ASEAN Commerce Department is held in Nanning. Commodities shows, business cooperation, commerce summit forum as well as other consulting meetings provide a wide platform for merchants to communication with others from all over the world.

Nanning International Folk Music& Art Festival
Every November, musicians and artists from home and abroad gather in this city, forming an art communication feast. During the festival, many grand activities are held, such as the National Ethnic Folk Music Competition, Square Culture Presentation and Southeast Asia Delicious Food Festival.

Nanning Flower Seasons
From February to April, flowers bloom on mountains to attract more tourists. Mt Qingxiu has the Peachblossom Festival and Mt. Daming holds the Azalea Festival, making the whole city full of the fragrance of these flowers. Hengxian, the famous hometown of jasmine, holds the Jasmine Festival in every August. Jasmine tea fans should not miss this fragrance in August!

Facts of Nanning 

Address of some branches of Bank of China
Guangxi Branch: No.39, Gu Cheng Lu (Gucheng Rd.)
Yongzhou Branch: No.15, Gu Cheng Lu
Dongge Branch: No.39, Dong Ge Lu (Dongge Rd.)
Jiangnan Branch: No.32, Jiang Nan Lu (Jiangnan Rd.)
Chengbei Branch: No.38, Ming Xiu Dong Lu (East Mingxiu Rd.)

Address of Hospitals
The First People's Hospital of Nanning: No.89, Qi Xing Lu (Qixing Rd.)
The Second People's Hospital: No.13, Dan Cun Lu (Dancun Rd.), Jiangnan District
The Third People's Hospital: No.227, Xin Yang Lu (Xinyang Rd.)
Nanning Red Cross Hospital: No.13, Ren Min Xi Lu (West Renmin Rd.), Yongxin District

Address of Post Offices
Location 1: No.66, Bao Ai Lu (Bao'ai Rd.)
Location 2: No.4, Su Zhou Lu (Suzhou Rd.)
Location 3: beside Anji Bus Station (No.42 in An Ji Da Dao (Anji Avenue)

Ctiy breif introduction
Population: 6,595,400
Area: 2,212 square kilometers (546,597 acreages)
Dialing Code: 0771
Postal code: 530000
City flower: Chinese hibiscus
City Tree: almond tree

Useful numbers
Fire alarm 119
Police 110
Ambulance 120
Traffic Accident 122
Telephone Number Inquiry 114
EMS Inquiry 11185
Taxi complaint 0771-3932315
Tourist complaint 0771-5516551, 0771-5530490

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