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Nanning Shopping

Nanning has various local products ranging from fruits to handicrafts to traditional medicines. Lychee, banana, pineapple and mango are the most productive fruits, thus quite cheap. Yangmei Ancient Town on the outskirts of the city has three treasures that are popular with tourists: preserved salted vegetable, fermented bean and ground rice cake. Bulbus-fritilariae Lemon Plum is another traditional local snack.

What to buy?

Leather products are varied and exquisite. Handbags, luggage cases, waistbands and shoes are easily found in the city. Zhuang Jin making (Brocade of Zhuang ethnic minority group) has a long history and is the most traditional and symbolic tourist souvenir of Guangxi Province. The glittering arrays of golden and silver ornaments are also good choices. In addition, Radix Isatidis, a kind of medicine that can cure cold and faucitis, is mainly produced in Nanning.

Where to buy?

Admire City

This is a big modern shopping mall situated at No. 131, Minzu Avenue in the east of the city. Opposite of the Nanning Exhibition Center,  it includes several brand shops, a food court, WALMART, restaurants with nice terraces where you can eat outside. Buslines to there: 6, 16, 25, 39, 42, 43, 52, 72, 76, 79, 87, 90, 213, 206, 603, 609, 701, 704, 706

Xi Guan Lu (Xiguan Rd.) is one of the city's night markets where hawkers sell cheap clothes, cosmetics and dolls.

Yuan Hu Lu (Yuanhu Rd. in its northern part) is a market of flowers, bonsais, birds, fish and other pets.

Fu Ye Tian Di Tourist Souvenirs Market is located in the underground square in front of the local railway station.

Chao Yang Lu (Changyang Rd.) is the main shopping street of the city. There are many modern and comprehensive malls and supermarkets such as Nanning Department Mall, Diamond Square, and Wal-Mart Supermarket.

Xing Ning Jie (Xingning Rd.) is where tourists can find various golden ornaments with relatively low prices.

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