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Nanning Nightlife

Nanning is a bright city with colorful nightlife. You can go the Nanhu for a walk or just go to the cinema to see a movie. KTV house are the major entertainment activites for the local people. The weekend may be a little crowded because the young people will go there to sing and dance. Pub and bars are available for the night.

Nanning01.jpgVisitors can choose from a variety of nightlife to enjoy when they are there. Zhuang ethnic folk songs are sung in Min Ge Square and Wuxiang Square. Shinning stars are reflected in the tranquil Yongjiang River. Sitting on the square or taking a walk along the river is a good choice for those who want to unwind after a busy day at work. Strolling through the streets decorated by colorful neon lights, visitors will be dazzled by the many food stalls, bars, nightclubs, gyms and coffee bars. These places are the favorites of the younger generation; while malls and department stores are filled with people shopping until 23:00 every night.

House Night Club
No.63, Tao Yuan Lu (Taoyuan Rd.)
Oudi Amusement World
No.96, Dong Ge Lu (Dongge Rd.)

No.57, Tao Yuan Lu
Soho Bar
No.43, Tao Yuan Lu

U.B.C. Coffee
No.22, Zhu Xi Nan Lu (South Zhuxi Rd.)
1st floor, Jin Hua Cha Mansion, Dong Bao Lu (Dongbao Rd.)
Ming Tien Coffee Language
Yin Yu Mansion, No.22, Gu Cheng Lu (Gucheng Rd.)
No.88, Jia Yuan Dong Lu (East Jiayuan Rd.)

To some extent, nightlife can reflect a city's outlook. Though Nanning's nightlife cannot be compared to those of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other highly developed cities, its citizens do enjoy their life in special ways.

One recent trend is that more and more people, especially young men, choose to study even after a hard day's work. As a result, there are many schools and organizations offering evening classes in remedial English, computer training and a variety of other subjects. This will make this city a more educated and sophisticated city in the future.

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