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Nanning Transportation

Nanning has a convenient transportation. You can travel to Nanning by trains, flights and buses. In the city, you can also travel around the city by taxi, motor bike, buses and bicycle. There are many electric bikes in the city in recent year. The recent development makes the city more and more popular in business, especially trade with the south and eastern Asian countries.

By Air

Nanning Wuxu International Airport 

Nanning1.jpgIt is located at Wuxu Town, 32 kilometers from the southwest of Nanning City- the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, covering 259.73 hectares. In 1958, it was relocated by the Nanning airport, and was put into use in November 1962. It is a military and civilian jointly use airport, which can take off and land Boeing 747 and other similar or smaller models. The apron is 178,000 square meters, and terminal building is 33,470 square meter with six boarding bridges.

The airport is equipped with primary and secondary radar, weather radar, instrument landing systems, VOR systems, and modern air traffic control, weather, maintenance, transportation services, fire, rescue and other emergency facilities. The passenger throughput of Nanning Wuxu International Airport exceeded 100 million people in 2002, later exceeded 2 million in 2006, and reached 4.52 million passengers in 2009. Until December 4, 2011, the passenger throughput had exceeded 6 million passengers, cargo and mail throughput reached 40,000 six thousand tons, and more than 50,000 flights taking off and landing in the airport.

By Train

Nanning2.jpgThe Hunan-Guangxi railroad runs diagonally across the region from  northeast to  southwest. It forms a vital continental artery that connects with the Beijing-Guangzhou railroad and, south of Pingxiang, with the Vietnamese railroad system. A branch line runs from Litang to the port city of Zhanjiang in Guangdong province. The Guangxi-Guizhou railroad links Liuzhou with Guiyang (Guizhou province) and, along with the Liuzhou-Zhicheng line (opened in 1978), is impetus to the development of northern Guangxi. A new rail line that completed in 1997 connects Kunming (Yunnan province) with Nanning and with Beihai on the Gulf of Tonkin coast, providing southwestern provinces a more direct route to the seaport.

By Bus  

The highway system has substantially extended and improved since 1949. The highway network forms a central rectangle—with Nandan (in the northwest), Liuzhou, Nanning, and Baise (in the west) at its four corners—from which other roads radiate. The Guilin-Beihai express highway, bisecting Guangxi from north to south, was opened in 2000. Express highways from Nanning northeast to Liuzhou, south to Fangchenggang, and southwest to Youyiguan on the border with Vietnam were also opened for public in the early 21st century. Air traffic, centered on Nanning, Liuzhou, and Guilin, is largely with other Chinese cities, with some flights to regional foreign destinations.

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