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The first train going through China,Mongolia and Russia

The first train going through China,Mongolia and Russia is starting on 09 Jun,2015. And Nowadays, every Wednesday at Beijing Station, a green train stops at the platform. People may not notice anything different until they see the emblem of China on the train and its board that reads "Beijing-Ulan Bator-Moscow."

It takes Train K3 130 hours from Beijing to Moscow. The total length of the route is 7,826 kilometers - one fifth of the circumference of the equator. Every Wednesday afternoon, the train welcomes tourists from different places. Many people are excited about taking this trip, always taking photos with the train at the platform before they leave. This scene at Beijing Station has been occurring for 55 years. Yang Jiguang is in charge of the train. At the age of 23, he graduated from college with a degree in Russian and took a job on the train. After 24 years, he is still very excited about his job. " I want to keep working on the train until it’s time for me to retire," he says.


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