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Haim Dotan to be awarded the honorary citizen of Zhangjiajie City

On Feb 26th,2017, Mr Haim Dotan, the famous architect from Israel,is awarded the honorary citizenship of Zhangjiajie in recognition of his outstanding contribution towards development of Zhangjiajie. Mr Guo Zhenggui, the secretary of  CPC Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee, gives Mr Haim Dotan the honorary citizen certificate. Mr Zvi Heifetz, Israel Ambassador to China, and his wife,Ms Sigalia Heifetz, have taken part in the awarding ceremony                    news

Hovering over a dizzying 300-metre drop, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon's glass-bottomed bridge is the world's highest see-through skywalk.It's also the longest of its kind, stretching 430 metres.The spectacular six-metre wide platform spans two cliffs in Zhangjiajie, a breathtaking national park located in the country's Hunan province. Designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan, it dwarfs America's Grand Canyon Skywalk, which is 21 metres long and 219 metres above ground.

Since opened to visitors last year, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge has been attracting more and more tourists from home and abroad. It has expanded the visibility of Zhangjiajie City in the world. Mr Guo Zhenggui makes a speech at the awarding ceremony and he says," Welcome all Israeli people to Zhangjiajie, because Mr Haim Dotan designed the friendship bridge from Zhangjiajie to Israel."

- by Lao Tang

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Haim Dotan to be awarded the honorary citizen of Zhangjiajie City - China Travel News - Zhangjiajie China Tours, China Travel Guide

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