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Mr John, an expert of Zhangjiajie China Tour

Tang.jpgSince 1988, I, John Tang, have been working at Zhangjiajie tourism industry. My principles of doing business is honesty & keeping promise. China is a great country in the world, Zhangjiajie is a paradise for tourists, warmly welcome to China,  let's meet in Zhangjiajie.

Experience Details

Sep,1985 -Jul,1988   I studied English at Foreign Language Department of Changsha University.

Jul, 1988-Sep,1992  I worked at Mingzhu Travel Service Co.,Ltd. After the examination in 1999, i started to wark as an English-speaking tour guide issued by the Chinese National Tourism Administration.

Sep,1992-Dec,2002  I worked at Zhangjiajie International Tourism Company. During these years, i was the sales manager and i worked very hard in order to promote Zhangjiajie in Taiwan,Hongkong markets. Because of my great working, i became  the vice general manager of the company in 1995.

Jan,2003-Jul,2011  I worked at Hunan Bestone International Travel Service Co.,Ltd. As a sale manager and vice general manager at the company, i succeeded to promote Zhangjiajie China tour in the Middle East Area market. 

Aug,2011-Dec,2013 I worked at Zhangjiajie Neodalle International Travel Service Co.,Ltd.  Being the vice general manger at the company, i promote Zhangjiajie China Tours in  in the European and American markets. In Nov 2011, i attended  CITM (China International Travel Mart) in Kunming, and i succeeded to organize  38 travel agents from 11 countires to have a FAM tour in Zhangjiajie Hunan.

Tang Tang

Feb, 2014-Sep,2015   I worked as the sales manger of Chinese market departmet at Island Voyage Maldives. 

Oct,2015- Dec,2026   I  started my working at Zhangjiajie China Travel Service Co,Ltd after i came back from Maldives in Oct,2015, and i attended  CITM (China International Travel Mart) . 

In March 2016. i succeeded to organize  350 travel agents from 23 countires to have a FAM tour in Zhangjiajie Hunan. However, I like my work and i will work many years at this company. 

Respecting Contract, Keeping Promise, Quality Fist, Client First, Providing Best Service to Client.

The keeping promise of us is provding the best service for ourcustomers! 

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