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Tujia Sheba Festival held in Laosicheng

On 29 Sep,2015. Tujia Sheba Festival held in Laosicheng ( Laosi Town) , Yongshun County, Xinagxi Tujia & Miao Automomous Prefecture, China's Hunan Province. Laosicheng was listed as the World's Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in July 2015.It is the third site to be listed as the World's Heritage after Wulingyuan Scenica Area and Langshan Mountain.The Festival of Tujia's Sheba held in Laosicheng, as well as the Laosicheng Cultural Site Park is opened to tourists on 29 Sep,2015.

Photo taken on 29Sep,2015 to show the opening meeting and Tujia Sheba Festival in Laosi Town, Yongshun County, West Hunan.

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Tujia Sheba Festival held in Laosicheng - China Travel News - Zhangjiajie China Tours, China Travel Guide

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