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Beautiful scenery of the Enshi Grand Canyon

Do you know that the Grand Canyon in the United States has a Chinese "twin sister"? In China's Hubei province, the Enshi Grand Canyon, located in the Enshi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture, became a "twin sister" of the Grand Canyon in 2016. The magnificent Enshi Grand Canyon is imposing, presenting a diverse landscape. And its breathtaking view attracts many tourists. One incense pillar of Enshi Canyon is listed as one of 40 most beautiful scenic spots in China. Here please follow us to see the beautiful Enshi Grand Canyon.

   The incense pillar of the Enshi Grand Canyon 
             The Canyon wrapped in clouds and mist 
Enshi Grand Canyon1.jpg
Enshi Grand Canyon2.jpg
  Tourists walk on the skywalk built along a cliff 
       The sun shines at the Enshi Grand Canyon
Enshi Grand Canyon3.jpg
Enshi Grand Canyon6.jpg
Waterfall pours down to the Enshi Grand Canyon
         Beautiful scenery of the Enshi Grand Canyon

The Enshi Grand Canyon is located in Tunbao Town, 50km away from Downtown Enshi City, Enshi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Southwest of Hubei Province.The Enshi Grand Canyon is a part of the Qing River Grand Canyon. Located along the 400-kilometer long Qing River, the grand canyon, which runs from Tunbao Town to Mufu Town, is well-known for its steep cliffs and perilous peaks. [Photo provided to]

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