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​Jiuzhaigou reopens to tourists after earthquake

Jiuzhaigou.jpgJiuzhaigou Scenic Area, a scenic area in southwest China’s Sichuan province, partially reopened for the first time on March 8 since the devastating earthquake last year. On the first day of reopening, it received more than 700 tourists.

The Jiuzhaigou scenic area is located in the northwest of Sichuan province and about 400 kilometers away from Chengdu, capital city of the province.

As a national 5A-class tourist attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Jiuzhaigou scenic area is home to spectacular natural sceneries of lakes, mountains, waterfalls and verdant forests, and Tibetan customs, attracting a large number of tourists from home and abroad every year. Statistics show the scenic area received over 5 million travelers in 2016. 

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​Jiuzhaigou reopens to tourists after earthquake - China Travel News - Zhangjiajie China Tours, China Travel Guide

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