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Fanjingshan listed as the World's Heritage Site by UNESCO

Fanjingshan Mountain, located in Tongren City of Southwest China's Guizhou Province, is added to UNESCO World Heritage List on July 4,2018. It is the 13th site in China included on the World Natural Heritage List, making the total number of world heritage sites in China reach 53.

Fanjingshan Mountain,the highest peak in the Wuling Mountain range at an altitude of 2,572 meters, stretches on an area of 402.75 square km with a buffer zone of 372.39 square km.The ecosystem of Fanjingshan has preserved large numbers of ancient relict plants, rare and endangered creatures, as well as unique species. It is home to 4,395 species of plants and 2,767 of animals.As the most important reserves of beech forests in Asia and the world's most gymnosperms-rich area, the mountain is also the only habitat of the rare Guizhou snub-nosed monkey and the Fanjingshan fir.

Fanjingshan has proved its aesthetic value as a natural heritage site and met the criteria of world natural heritage, which require the nominated sites to demonstrate outstanding biological diversity and integrity.The inclusion of Mount Fanjingshan in the World Heritage List results from the international recognition of the natural value and the conservation work of the wonder, and reflects the progress that China has achieved in terms of protecting its biological diversity.

In October 2013, Mount Fanjingshan was listed as the national natural heritage of China, before it was proposed by China as the country's only natural heritage nomination for the 2018 world heritage meeting. The 42nd World Heritage Committee meeting, held from June 24 to July 4, will discuss 28 nominations to the World Heritage List, including five natural sites, 20 cultural sites and three mixed ones. 

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