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More than 800,000 bridges has built in China

In recent years,Chna has built over 805,300 highway bridges and 10,000 kilometers of high-speed rail bridges.In the world, seven of the longest cable-stayed bridges, six of the longest suspension bridges, six of the longest arch bridges, and five of the longest beam bridges are in China.

Beipanjiang Bridge.jpg

China’s bridge construction has already become a name card for its “go global” strategy.The country’s construction of railway bridges also achieved major progress in recent years.China has built 22,000 kilometers of high-speed rail, and bridges accounted for more than half of this mileage.

In addition, China has built 135 bridges across the main course of the Yangtze River, 32 of which are currently under construction, said Liu Ziming, president of China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group.


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More than 800,000 bridges has built in China - China Travel News - Zhangjiajie China Tours, China Travel Guide

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