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Ningxia Travel Guide

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, established on October 25th, 1958, is located  in northwest China and into the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. It is bordered by Gansu to Ningxiathe south, Shaanxi to the east, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the north, and is one of the five ethnic minority autonomous regions in China. Ningxia covers a total area of 66,000 square kilometers (about 25,484 square miles) and has a population of 5.62 million; one third of who are Hui minority people.

Ningxia, a region as culturally rich as the entire area south of the Yangtze River, continues to be admired for its resplendent cultural heritage garnered from the long river of history.During the time of the Tang and Han Dynasties, Ningxia was the main place for trade and transportation between the eastern and western regions of ancient China. Ruins of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty can be found in east Ningxia. 

Tourism Cities in Ningxia

  • Yinchuan

  • Shizuishan

  • Wuzhong

  • zhongwei

  • Guyuan

What to See in Ningxia ?

A unique landscape, unique local customs and habits, and ancient history, all add up to make Ningxia an interesting tourist area for those wishing to discover a rich and diverse Ningxia.One of Ningxia's main tourist spots is the famous Xixia Tombs site located 30 km west of Yinchuan. The remnants of nine Western Xia emperors' tombs and two hundred other tombs lie within a 50-km² area. Other famous sites in Ningxia include Helan Shan, the mysterious 108 dagobas, the twin pagodas of Baisikou and the desert research outpost at Shapatou. 

Yinchuan City (also called 'Phoenix City') is the capital of the region situated in the remote northwest of China. The 1000-year-old city is a famous cultural city beyond the Great Wall. The old sector of Yinchuan City to the west is green and peaceful, and contains all the places of interest. It includes the 1500-year-old Haibao Pagoda; the famous Buddhist architecture from the West Xia Kingdom Chengtiansi Pagoda; and the West Xia Imperial Tombsknown as the 'Pyramids of China'. One can also find there the mystic Helan Mountain Cliff Painting, created by the ancient nomads who dwelled in the regions of the Helan Mountains in northwest Ningxia. They used a bold and descriptive chiseling and drawing technique, to which they added dazzling colors, to depict the history of a splendid Chinese civilization.

When to visit Nngxia ?
The region is 1,200 km from the sea and has a continental climate with average summer temperatures rising to between 17 and 24°C in July and average winter temperatures dropping to between -7 and -10°C in January. Seasonal extreme temperatures can reach 39°C in summer and -30°C in winter. The diurnal temperature variation in summer is 17°C. Annual rainfall averages from 190 to 700 millimeters, with more rain falling in the south of the region.The best tiem to visit Ningxia is from May to October.

Transportation of Ningxia
The major means of transportation for traveling in Ningxia are flights, railway and highway.
Ningxia has an airport called Hedong Airport that is located southeast of Yinchuan. Airplanes from this airport can reach dozens of domestic cities, such as Beijing, Xian, Taiyuan, Lanzhou, Baotou, Dalian, etc.
Bao(tou)-Lan(zhou)Railway which links many key lines ,such as Jingbao, Lanxin, Lanqing, Longhai, runs through Yinchuan new urban area from north to south.
Six national highways pass through Ningxia and nearly thirty coach lines centered on Yinchuan Coach Station can reach every parts of Ningxia and even some parts of the neighboring Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Gansu Province.

Dining in Ningxia
The Mosslem people eat an Islamic food, also calling Islam at our country history because of Islamism, past. 
Usually in addition to the Islamic vegetables fastens, Main the Islamic cake, moon cake, biscuit, the sesame shortcake, clip a heart bread, Islamic cow, sheep, chicken, rabbit, fish The meat can, dried sliced meat and bean product, the milk product, candy and noodles food etc..

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