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Pingyao Travel Guide

Shanxi Province MapPingyao Ancient Town is located in Pingyao County in central Shanxi Province,about 715 kilometers from Beijing. It is one of the best-preserved ancient towns in China. The town was first founded during the reign of King Xuan (827-782 BC) of the Western Zhou Dynasty. After thousands of years, the ancient walls, streets, houses, shops and temples have been almost kept intact. In 1986, the State Council proclaimed Pingyao as a historical and cultural site. Also, it was listed to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. 

History of Pingyao 

As a 2,700-year-old historic and cultural town, Pingyao Town was constructed in 827-782 BC. Ever since the system of prefectures and counties was established in 221 BC, Pingyao has been where the county government is located. The old town walls are still preserved today as they were built in 1370 during the Ming Dynasty, so are the six temple complexes, as well as county courts and other architectures. There are more than 100 streets in the city, still looking exactly as they were hundreds of years ago. In 19th century, Pingyao City was the most financially flourishing place, most notably being the founding of the exchange shop named Rishengchang, a milestone in China’s history of finance business. During the 100 years of financial prosperity, Pingyao made significant contributions to China’s economic development.

What to See In Pingyao ?

The past prosperity of Shanxi lies in Pingyao, while the soul of Pingyao lies in its Old City. Founded during the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046 – 771 BC) and rebuilt in 1370, Ancient City of Pingyao is nowadays one of China's four best preserved old cities, together with Lijiang Old Town, Huizhou Ancient City andLangzhong Ancient City. There is no charming landscape, green mountain or clear waters. What's unique there is the well-preserved ancient city with grand City Wall, traditional residences, former escort agencies, time-honored shops, and even the previous government office.

Top attractions in Pingyao

       Rishengchang Exchange Shop  
       The Old City Wall of Pingyao   Qiao Family Compound    
         The City God Temple         Zhenguo Temple            Shuanglin Temple

When to visit Pingyao ?

Situated in central Shanxi and in the southwest of the Taiyuan Basin, Pingyao is subordinate to the temperate continental monsoon semiarid climate. In spring, the temperature here rises quickly and the temperature difference between day and night is quite large. In summer, it is rainy and scorching. The temperature stays quite high, and most of the rain falls in this season. When autumn comes, temperatures fall gradually and the weather turns cool. In winter Pingyao is rather cold and windy. The annual average temperature is about 10.1C (50.18F)...Read More: The Best Time to visit Pingyao

Autumn and winter are the best times to visit Pingyao. In autumn, there are not only sunny days with a pleasant temperature but also there is the China Pingyao International Photography Festivalduring mid September; in winter, although it is quite cold, the snow covered Old City has its own charming view. What's more, theShehuo Festival may give you a brand new impression of Chinese Spring Festival.

How to get there ?

Situated in central Shanxi, Pingyao County is 95 kilometers southwest of Taiyuan, 610 kilometers southwest of Beijing and 550 kilometers northeast of Xian. Serviced by five transportation arteries (the Beijing-Pingyao and Datong-Pingyao-Xian High Speed Railways, Datong-Puzhou Railway, No.108 National Highway and Datong-Yuncheng Highway,) Pingyao now has a convenient transport system. Tourists can easily get there from other places.

Pingyao Tours 

Listed as a World Heritage site, Pingyao, dates from the Ming and Qing Dynasties and is one of China's finest old cities. The tour package will ensure that you savor this historic place with its ancient city wall and unique Ming architecture to the full. Your private Pingyao travel will include a visit to the Qiao Family's compound, Ming - Qing Street, the Chenghuang Temple, the Ri Sheng Chang Financial House, Shuanglin Monastery, etc., while your visit will be enriched by a trip to nearby Taiyuan city.

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