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Sanya Overview

Sanya is a pretty and charming tropical seaside town, famous for its bright sunshine, green hills and blue waters, wide beaches and lovely coconut trees. This is a fabulous spot, especially for those feeling a little China weary, and the beaches here compete with those elsewhere in Southern Asia in terms of sheer beauty and great swimming.

History of Sanya

Sanya now is the center of Hainan Island, but historically speaking, Sanya was just a small fishing village, fishing port and one of the most important navy bases of China until 1954. The center of Southern Hainan Island was Yanzhou in ancient times with a recorded long-lasting history. In 1954, the political center of Southern Hainan was relocated from Yanzhou to Sanya, but it was still called Yazhou, not Sanya. In 1987, Yaxian was upgraded to Sanya City on...More

Ethnic Culture

Sanya is home to quite a number of nationalities, there are over 20 nationalities living in compact communities. Li and Miao are the two largest ethnic groups. Li is regarded as the aborigines of Hainan Island, majority of which live in compact community in mountainous area with their own language. Li is a vigorous minority boasting brilliant arts, dance and music, unparalleled dyeing and weaving talent. With the development of Hainan tourist industry, their ancient culture is opened to the outside world. 
The long history and the multiple inhabitations have cultivated a colorful folk culture and art, while they have also developed rich local handicrafts and religious culture. Sanya's local culture and art consist of fairy tales, legends, folk dances, folk music, sculpture, gardening, religion and handicrafts. Every piece of the local folk culture and art can be a wonder and a surprise.
Sanya's folk weaving has been enjoying a long history and well known either home or abroad. It includes roughly the cloth weaving and the bamboo weaving. Cloth weaving is represented by cotton weaving by Li covers, bags and skirts, all known for elaborate patterns and colorful figures. Bamboo strips need be processed in many operations including scraping and polish before they can be woven into delicate handicrafts of different shapes serving different purposes. 
Sanya's folk art represented by songs and dances of Li people and Miao people. Their dancing poses all originated from the basic motions for hunting and farming while the accompanying melodies all originated from local folk ballads.
Li people and Miao people enjoy singing and dancing very much. Upon an abundant harvest the Spring Festival or the "Lunar March 3 Festival", people with all their whole families gather in an opens field next to their villages, lighting up torches and dancing with accompaniment of gongs in various formations such as "deer hunting", "turning-back deer" or "coco shell". A dance named "Jumping over Bamboo" was listed by the nation as immateriality cultural heritage.

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