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Located in the very heart of China’s territory and including most of the middle reaches of the Yellow River, Shaanxi Province is one of the birthplaces of Chinese primitive human beings and national culture. It has also been the political, economic and cultural center of several dynasties in the country's history. It is from here that Chinese civilization first spread out to the outside world. It is also a sacred place of the revolution in the country's modern history. All in all, this province plays an important role in the existence and development of the Chinese nation as well as in human history.

Shaanxi MapFacts of Shaanxi Province

English Name: Shaanxi
Chinese Name: 陕西 (Shǎn Xī)
Abbreviation: Shaan or Qin
Administration Type: Province
Capital: Xian
Location in China's Territory: hinderland of mainland China
Location: 31°42' to 39°35' N, 105°29' to 111°15'
Climate: temperate subarid climate, temperate monsoon climate, subtropical monsoon climate from north to south
Average Annual Temperature: 7-16°C
Average Annual Rainfall: 340-1,240 millimetres
Area: 205,800 km² (79,460mi²)
Population (2010): 37,327,378
Local Tourism Highlights: historical 

Tourism Cities In Shaanxi

History of Shaanxi

About 800,000-1,200,000 years ago,  Lantian Man had already lived their lives on this land by using simple tools, collecting fruits and seeds as well as hunting animals. The Banpo Ruins, a representative site of matriarchal clan society dating back 5,600-6,700 years ago, was found in the eastern part of its present capital city, Xian. When China’s first dynasty, Xia Dynasty (21st -17th century BC) was built, the Bao State, Hu State and Luo State were set up here. When the first unified and power-centralized dynasty of China, Qin Dynasty(221 BC - 207 BC) was founded, its capital was chosen from this land. Later, several other dynasties, such as the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220) and Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), set up their capitals on this land, specifically the province's capital city, making it a world famous ancient capital city.

Geography of Shaanxi

Shaanxi has a varied terrain. In the north are plateaus, in the middle plains and in the south mountainous areas. The Northern Shaanxi Plateau is the middle part of the Loess highland, comprising the whole of northern Shaanxi. Except for scattered stony and rocky mountains, most of it is covered by a deep layer of loess. Here vegetation is sparse and soil erosion over the centuries has brought about a varied loess land formation. The Guanzhong Plain, also known as the Weihe Plain or the Guanzhong Basin, is 30-80 km by 300 km and crossed by the Weihe River and its tributaries, the Jinghe and Beiluo rivers. With fertile soil, abundant farm produce, a large population and convenient transport service, the area is one of the country's important industrial-agricultural centers. The Southern Shaanxi Mountain Area, also known as the Qinba mountainous area, includes the Qinling and Daba ranges and the Hanshui Valley between them.

What to see in Shaanxi ?

Hukou Waterfall

The Yellow Emperor
Huashan Mountain
Hukou Waterfalls
Huangding's Tomb

bell tower

The Museum of Terracotta Army
The Bell Tower in Xi'an City
The City Wall In Xi'an

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Qin Shihuang's Tomb
Shaanxi Province Museum

When to visit Shaanxi ?

Shaanxi has a continental monsoonal climate, with great difference between the areas north and south of the Qinling range. It has a mean annual temperature of 6°-16°, increasing from north to south, and a mean annual precipitation less in the north than in the south: 340-600 mm in northern Shaanxi, 570-700 mm in the Guanzhong Plain and 800-1,210 mm in southern Shaanxi. The best time to visit Shaanxi is in Spring,Summer and Autumn.

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