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Shaanxi Transportation

Shaanxi has a convenient and safety integrated transportation system. Shaanxi is a province with long history, numerous historical relics and scenic spots. It is very convenient not matter by air or by railway or by highway when traveling in Shaanxi. Following are the brief introduction on air, railway, and highway within the province.

By Air 

Hanzhong Airport.jpgThere 5 airports in Shaanxi Province. They are located in Xian/Xianyang, Yan'an, Yulin,Baoji and Ankang. Xian Xianyang International Airport (XIY) is one of the top ten airports and one of the eight hub-airports in China. It is located 50 km northwest of downtown Xi'an in Xianyang, a neighboring city. It has contacted with near 30 airline companies including New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Frankfurt, Vancouver, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It cooperates with 41 airlines, operating over 244 air lines to about 119 cities / regions at home and abroad.  Read More:

   Xianyang International Airport  

   Hanzhong Chenggu Airport       

   Ankang Wulipu Airport                           

   Yulin Yuyang Airport   

   Yan'an Transportation                       

   Transportation in Xi'an

By Train

Xian-chengdu Railway2.jpgThe railway transportation in Shaanxi is very convenient, and travelers can get to Shaanxi from main cities in China. In 2015, total  mileage of railway in Shaanxi was more than 4,300 km, freight volume was 201  million tons and passenger traffic was 37.3696 million peron-times. Xi’an, the  capital of Shaanxi, is one of six largest hinges of railway passenger transport  in China. Through developing sea-railway combined transportation with Shanghai,  Qingdao, Tianjing and other harbors, outbound goods of Shaanxi could be directly  exported after one-off customs clearance and commodities inspection in Xi’an.  

Major Railway Staions in Shaanxi:

Xi'an is a city where six of China's main railway lines intersect, thus the city is linked with all of China’s provincial capital cities and four municipalities, for instance, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Haikou, Tibet, etc. Apart from the capital cities, visitors can easily find trains for many tourism cities such as Guilin, Dunhuang, Luoyang, Suzhou, Qingdao, Huashan,Zhangjiajie, etc.

Read More:  Xi'an North Railway Station     Xian Railway Station     Yan'an Railway Station 

                    Hanzhong Railway Sttaion

High-speed Railways in Shaanxi

 Several high speed rails such as Xuzhou-Lanzhou High Speed Rail, Datong-Xi’an High Speed Rail, etc pass the city make to reach Beijing, Shanghai and even Shenzhen within 10 hours.

Xi'an-Chengdu High-speed Railway,operated in Dec 2017, is the first high-speed railway connecting southwest and northwest China through the Qinling mountains. It takes only 3 hours  by bullet trains from Xian North Railway Station to Chengdu via Hanzhong.

The Long-Hai Railway runs across Shaanxi region and  connects Huan Mountain, Lintong, Xi'an, Xianyang and Baoji; trains are available to Yan'an, Tongchuan and Ankang in Xi'an.

By Highway

Shaanx Highway.pngThe highway communication of Shaanxi covers most parts of Shaanxi centering on Xi’an. There are several Bus Stations in Xi’an, and Xi’an is one of the biggest highway transportation junction ranks only second to Beijing. Shaanxi construction Traffic mileage was over 50,000 km and mileage of  expressway was 1,300 km in 2005. At present, expressway runs through Shaanxi and  expressway Xi’an-Baotou was open to traffic. Centered on Xi’an, expressway  network of Shaanxi, taking national main trunk line and great path of west China  as framework, connecting with 10 cities in Shaanxi and striking towards outside  Shaanxi, has taken shape. In 2005, freight volume was 235 million tons and  passenger traffi c was 336 million person-times. 

Transportation in Ankang

A three-dimensional communication network has been initially formed consisting of civil aviation, railways and highways. 

Ankang airport lies only 17 kilometers west to the city center. There are non-stop flights from Ankang to Xi'an, Wuhan and other places every day. 

Five railways of Yangpingguan-Ankang, Xiangfan-Chongqing, Xi'an-Ankang, Xi'an-Chongqing (double track), Ankang-Wuhan (double track) are the important juncture of railway traffic among central south, north, southwest and northwest of China, of which Ankang can reach Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Qingdao and other big cities respectively in one day. 

There are two national highways (No.316 and No.210) and two expressways run through (Xi'an-Hanzhong and Xi'an-Ankang) Ankang.

Transportation in Baoji

There are well-connected communication networks in Baoji, Longhai Railway, Baocheng Railway, and Baozhong Railway crossing here, Xibao Expressway and Baotian Expressway linking each other here and State 310 highway and Provincial 212 highway running through Baoji area. One can reach Xi’an International Airport within 90 minutes’ drive. The communication of Baoji will have been dramatically updated because of the establishment of Xi’an-Baoji express railway, Baoji-Lanzhou express railway, Baoping Expressway, and the affiliated airport.

Transportation in Hanzhong

With its obvious advantages of its geographic location, Hanzhong is the junction point of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu Provinces, the gateway from the north to the south and one of the key transportation routes in China. Along with the improvement of transportation conditions of highways, railways and airplanes, and the implementation of the developing strategy of “A City with A Population of One Hundred Million & an Area of One Hundred Square Kilometers Project”, Hanzhong has become an important transition hub to connect the north and the south, the east and the west, and an important intersection city in the West Triangle Zone.

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