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Jiaxian Baiyun Taoist Temple

Baiyuan Taoist Temple is located in Baiyun Mountain,on the southern riverside, 5km away from downtown Jiaxian. As the largest Taoist temple in the province, it is a famous complete perfection temple in Shaanxi Province.

With over 390 years history, the Baiyuan Taoist Temple was founded in the 31st Emperor Wanli Year during the Ming Dyasty(1368-1644). Since then, it was called " Baiyun Temple" , means "the White Cloud Temple". 

The temple remains a place of active worship and the monks here still mill about in their Taoist clothing and styled hairstyles (in a sort of bun).As one of the top attractions in Yulin City, it is opened to visitors.

Travel Tips

Add: 5 km from south downtown Jiaxian County, Yulin City ,Shaanxi Province

Entrance Fee: CNY 65

Opening hours: 08:00-18:00

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