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Yuhua Mountain

 Yuhua Mountain is located in Yuhua Town,northwest of Yintai Didtrict of Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province. Mount. Yuhua is the branch range of Qiaoshan Mountainat the south foot of Ziwu Mountain in Shaanxiand Guansu. It is 1,240-1,671mabove the sea level and is known as “natural oxygen bar” with the forestcoverage rate of 95.6%. With charming natural scenery, rounding green peaks, cascadingwaterfalls and winding brooks, it is a natural summer resort for leisure.

What to see?

Yuhua Mountain is where the great Buddhism Master Xuanzang in Tang Dynasty (618-907) passed away. Sceneries on the mountain vary in different seasons. Especially in winter, the skiing competition and ice sculpture shows attract thousands of tourists.

Yuhua Palace was built on Yuhua Mountain. It is the largest temporary palace of the Tang Dynasty(618-907) and also the place where Xuanzang translated parts of the Buddhism sutra. Together with its fairy landscape, it was once a holy place of Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty(618-907). The scenicspot rich in cultural deposits, was the summer palace of three emperors of theearly Tang Dynasty and the place where Tang Xuanzang translated BuddhistScriptures, propagated Buddha dharma and passed away.

Yuhua Mountain is 37kmnorthwest of Tongchuan City, it is a national AAAAtourism scenic spot, national forest park, national key cultural relicprotection unit and provincial “Themed Park for Winter Sports”.

Travel Tips

Add: Yuhua Town, Yintai District of Tongchuan City,Shaanxi Province.

Entrance Fee: CNY 80

Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00

Tel: 0919-7586001; 0919-7586113

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