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Yaowangshan Mountain

Yaowang Mountain is located east to Yaozhou District of Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province. Yaowang Mountain features seven grottoes of the Sui and Tang dynasties as well as Buddhist statues dating from the Northern Wei Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty. Besides, it has 200 stone tablets (药王山石刻) erected during the past dynasties, including the Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming.

Yaowang Mountain is where the famous medical scientist of Sun Simiao (also called 'Medicine King') in Tang Dynasty(618-907), who lived in his late life in this mountain. 

Profound history, mysterious medical care culture, rock sculptures and stone tablets forest are   highlights of the mountain. The Forest of Stone Sculptures on Yaowang Mountain is a major historical relic under state protection. 

The Stone Sculptures on Yaowang Mountain, or Bhaisajyaraja, are located on Yaowang Mountain 1.5 kilometers east of the Yaoxian county seat, in Shaanxi, China. 

There are 200 stone tablets at Yaowang Mountain, erected during the past dynasties; seven grottoes of the Sui and Tang dynasties; as well as Buddhist statues from the Northern Wei Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty eras.

Travel Tips

Add: 1.5 km away from downtown Tongchuan,Shaanxi Province.

Entrance Fee: CNY50

Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00

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