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Taibai Mountain

Taibai Mountain is the major peak of Qinling Mountain Range.  Taibai means 'too white' in Chinese, used here to describe the color of the mountain. Because of the cold climate in the mountain, thick layers of ice have always been covering its summits all the year round. 

What to see?

Taibai MT.jpgTaibai Mountain National Forest Park is located is located in Meixian County, Baoji City of Shaanxi Province. Covering an area of 2,950 hectares (7,290 acres), 94.3% of which is covered with forest, it contains 10 scenic districts and over 180 attractions. Since its height above the sea level varies from 0.63 km to 3.5 km, it is the highest national forest park of China. It was officially established in 1991 and has been formally open to the public since July, 1992.Endowed with prosperous forest resources, rich animal species, odd mountainous physiognomy together with its profound historical scenes, Taibai Mountain National Forest Park has attracted countless visitors from home and abroad.

Various Creatures

Titled as the 'Asian Natural Botanical Garden' and the 'Natural Zoo of China', the forest park has more than 1,850 kinds of seed plants and over 1,690 kinds of insects and animals, including more than 230 kinds of birds and over 40 kinds of beasts. Among them are some rare animal species, such as pandas and golden monkeys. Thanks to this natural advantage, the park is also considered to be an inartificial gene warehouse of natural species.

Profound Historical Sights

Charm is added to Taibai Mountain National Forest Park by its profound historical sights. Historically, Mount Taibai has received recognition from many emperors in past dynasties. Plentiful cultural relics, poetries and folklores have been left through generations. Many Chinese ancient poets, such as Li Bai, Du Fu (the two most prominent poets in Tang Dynasty (618 - 907)) and Su Shi (a famous poet of Northern Song Dynasty (960 - 1127)), traveled here and wrote some of their notable poems. There is also plenty of ancient architecture in this park, including 14 sites of temples, 32 ancient houses, 5 stone steles, 10 iron tablets, over 110 iron Buddha statues, 64 woodcarvings and several iron bells and furnaces.

Mountainous Scenery & Hot Spring

Traveling here, visitors cannot help but admire the unique appearance of the rocks and the streams joyfully tottering along the winding mountain road. Your eyes will be stricken by the continuous chains here, while your ears will be pleased by the melodious song of the running water. Unconsciously, you will find yourself absorbed in the beautiful natural scenery.

Another wonder of the park is its natural mineral water. There are abundant supplies of terrestrial heat in the low mountainous area in the park. The temperature of the hot spring can reach as high as 72 C  and it contains scores of mineral substances and microelements that are beneficial to people's health. There are also three lakes and several pools on the mountain top called Daye Hai, Erye Hai, Sanye Hai, Yuhuang Pool and Star Pool respectively.

Travel Tips

When to visit?

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is a fantastic place for visitors to find relaxation and refreshment. With respect to its climate, it is better to travel here in July and August, but do not forget to bring a cotton coat and rain gear. Traveling by ropeway (with a length of 1.1 km) gives visitors the chance to appreciate the marvelous spectacle of glacier relics and sea of clouds.

How to get there?

Take a tour bus to Taibai Mountain at Xian Bus Station close to Xian Railway Station. Buses depart at 08:00-18:00 and return at 08:30-18:00. The bus fare is about CNY 37.5 per person.
Take a regular bus to Meixian County at Xian West Bus Station. The bus fare is about CNY 37 per person. Then transfer to bus No. 203 to arrive, which costs about CNY 4 per person.

More Information:

Admission Fee

March-November: CNY 100
December-next February: CNY 60
Children under 1.2 m (3.9 ft): Free
Children between 1.2-1.4 m (3.9-4.6 ft): CNY 60

Tianxia RopewayCNY 130 (single uphill trip); CNY 100 (single downhill trip)
Fuyunge RopewayCNY 90 (round-trip); CNY 50 (one way)
Shuttle BusCNY 60 (round-trip)
Opening HoursMarch-November: 07:30-16:00
December-next February: 08:00-16:00


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