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Qufu Travel Guide

Qufu City is Situated in the southwest of Shandong Province. As the birthplace city of Confucius, Qufu is one of the first of 24 famous historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council. It is 160 kilometers  from Jinan Cityand 45 kilometers from Jining City, Shandong Province.

Shandong mapQufu Facts

Area:896 square kilometers (about 346 square miles)

Position: in the southwest of Shandong Province

Population: 640,000
Nationalities: 15 nationalities, including Han, Hui, Miao, Mongolia and Man, etc.
Zip Code: 273100
Area Code: 0537


Qufu was the capital of the kingdom, Lu, in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC-476 BC) and is the hometown of the great Chinese philosopher and educator Confucius."The Eastern Holy City" which have more than 5000 years long history, and Confucius' homeland ----Qufu is famous all over the world because of its long history, developed culture, abundant historical relic and ancient building. 

Qufu is a place that is able to create delicacies. In the Chinese ancient times, the local Confucius Family Feast originating from the Confucius Family Mansion became quite well-known. It's said that the Qianlong Emperor (1736-1796) paid a visit  here and, while there the cooks of the Confucius Family Mansion made a Confucius Family Feast for him. After the emperor participated in the feast, he was very pleased and satisfied.

Worshipped one of three major Holy Cities of worlds by common people, it is one of the first batch of historical cultural cities too. There are more than 300 historic reservation units now in the whole city, 112 of Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protections. Among them "Three Confucian Sites" (Confucian mansion, Confucian Temple, Confucian Garden) is the most famous, it is one of the cultural heritage in the world, have the space of prominence in history and the eastern culture in world and China. "A thousand year song belong to the east Lu, ancient dress are belong to plain king", Qufu enjoys global prestige through the ages, linked to Confucius' name closely. 

Top Things to do

Visit  Confucius's Hometown

Qufu is the hometown of the great Chinese philosopher and educator Confucius. Most visitors go there in order to see the places where Confucius lived, studied and was buried. China is a country influenced by Confucianism. If you want to have a deep understanding of China, you should pay a visit.Here lists top attractions as below.

Confucius Family MansionQufu Confucius Temple Confucius Cemetery
  Confucius Family Mansion        Qufu Confucius Temple      Confucius Cemetery
,Confucius Six Arts CityTemple of Yan HuiMeng Miao
   Confucius Six Arts City          Yan Temple  Mencius Temple & Hometown

Enjoy Festivals in Qufu

Confucius Culture Festival

Place: Qufu Dacheng Hall
Time: From middle Sept to early Oct
From the ancient time, each year on Aug 17 in Chinese lunar calendar, the birthday of Confucius, there is a ceremony to worship this great person. So till now, every year Sept 28 is the Confucian cultural festival. 
Confucian Graduation Tourism Festival
Place: Qufu Dacheng Hall
Time: Between Jul 10 to Aug 20
It is a tourism festival held for spreading the Confucian culture. During the festival period, there are so many cultural activities such as Chinese painting course, Chinese carving course, Chinese Kungfu course, etc.
Lotus Festival
Place: Weishan Lake
Time: Aug
Jining Weishan Lake is the largest freshwater lake in northern China. It is also famous for the 100,000 mu lotus lake. Every year from May to Oct, lotus in this lake is in their season. The green leaves and red/white lotus make visitors feel leisure.

When to go ?

Qufu has a temperate continental monsoon climate. It has four distinct seasons and enjoys abundant sunshine and rainfall. The average annual precipitation is about 597--820 mm.

The best time to visit Qufu is between Jun and Sept. In these months, Qufu is in its high tourism season.
In Summer - the trees green, the flowers blossom, it is a good time to have a graduate journey. The thousands of lotus in the Weishan Lake are in their time. When travel to Qufu in this season, tourists can visit Confucian cultural attractions as well as appreciate the flowers.
In Autumn, the international Confucian cultural festival is held annually. During the festival period, there are so many cultural activities.
In Spring Festival period, there are also many tourists to visit Qufu. Visitors can join in activities such as singing and dancing performance, local dishes appreciation competition, etc. 

How to get there?

By Air:  Qufu is not a big city with convenient transportation system.There is no airport in Qufu City. The nearest city of it is Jining Qufu Airport which is built in Jineng City. About 71.8 km away from Qufu. Now, the airport has launched air route between Jining City and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chongqing, Kunming, Qingdao, Xiamen. 

By Train: There are two railway stations in Qufu. One is operated normal train, the other one is operated high-speed train. These two are in a distance of 12km. Most tourists like to enjoy the train trip from Jinan or Tai’an to Qufu. Railway-Most of the trains on Beijing-Shanghai Railway Line have a stop at Yanzhou Railway Station, which is just 15km from Qufu. 

By Highwya: The largest coach station is Qufu Coach Station. Coach lines to different cities in Shandong or outside Shandong can be found here. There is another coach station which can set shuttle buses to Tai’an, Zhaozhuang, Heze, etc. There are luxury busese available at Qufu for Jinan, Tai’an Weishan, Liangzhou, Yangzhou, Jining and Linyi. 

Travel Tips

Local Specialties: rubbings of stone inscriptions, pistanche-carvings, Confucian family cakes, Confucian family wine, M. Mishan ink stone, and Qufu fragrant rice 
Local Food: Shenxian Duck, Yipin Sea Cucumber, Baer Shark’s Fin, Bawangbieji, Xuelimentan, Baxian Guihai Naoluihan, Kongmen Dried Pork, Hualan Mandarin Fish, and Yipin Bean Curd 

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