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Jinan Travel Guide

Jinan City, known as the 'City of Springs',is the capital of Shandong Province,and it is popular among visitors for its many springs and unique manly Lu Culture.Situated in the midwest of Shandong, the city Shandong mapof Jinan acts as a traffic junction to many worthwhile attractions in the province.

Fast Facts of Jinan
Area: 8,177 square kilometers (3,157 square miles)
Position: in the mid-west of Shandong Province
Population: 6,422,500
Nationalities: The population of Han people covers 98.2%.
Zip Code: 250000
Area Code: 0531


Jinan is a historical city with a history of some 2,000 years and is famed for its numerous relics. It is the cradle of the Longshan Relics Culture, the reputed prehistoric culture of China and is found in Longshan Town, hence the name. Here you will find far more than you would expect, the ancient Great Wall of the Qi State (a state of the Zhou Dynasty (770B.C. – 221B.C.)), the colored sculptures of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) in the Lingyan Temple and so on.

Things to do in Jinan

See the beautiful scenery in Jinan

Jinan City is hospitable and receives visitors from all over the world. Marco Polo once visited it and left words of praise to this city. The Baotu Spring, Daming Lake and the Thousand Buddha Mountain decorate the city as a beautiful garden.Top Jinan attractions lists here.

Baotu SpringDaming Lake Shandong Museum
         Baotu Spring      Daming Lake         Shandong Museum
Qianfoshan MountainMount TaishanConfucius Family Mansion
      Qianfoshan Mountain        Mount Taishan     Hometown of Confucius

Enjoy Jinan Culture

Jinan is the right place to see some very typical festivals including The Lantern Festival in the Baotu Spring Park, the Lotus Festival in the Daming Lake Park and the Double-Nine Festival on the Thousand-Buddha Mountain.

When to visit Jinan?

With a warm-temperate continental monsoon climate and clear-cut seasonal changes, Jinan has an average annual temperature of 14 C and an annual mean precipitation of 650-700 mm. The city is dry and nearly rainless in spring, hot and rainy in summer, crisp in autumn and dry and cold (with little snow) in winter. 

How to get there?

As a hub of communications of Shandong,, Jinan has already formed the stereoscopic traffic network, and it is very convenient with being extended in all direction. 
By Air: Nowadays, Jinan offers about 40 domestic airlines and a couple of international lines. You can reach about 30 cities of China and cities outside of China. Yaoqiang International Airport is located 40km of northeast of urban area. 
BY Railway: There are two railway guest stations in Jinan, Jinan Railway Station and Jinan East Railway Station, connecting Jinan with other big cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, etc. 
By Highway: There are two major coach stations in Jinan, Jinan Coach Terminal and East Coach Station. The former one offers coaches heading for the cities of Shandong province and the big neighboring cities. The second one provide coaches connecting Jinan and cities of other provinces such as Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, et c. 

Travel Tips

Jinan Food: The city is the home of Shandong cuisine, a popular cuisine of China.Jinan cuisine is famous for its scrumptious, aromatic, fresh and pure dishes. The methods of cooking employed in the preparation of these local foods include deep-frying, grilling, frying and stir-frying but the food is non-greasy. Nutritious soup is an important feature of Jinan cuisine while shallot and garlic are widely used to create delicious flavors. Tang Cu Li Yu (Sweet and Sour Carp), Jiu Zhuan Da Chang (Fried Pork Chitterlings) and Jinan Roast Duck are very popular local delicacies.

Jinan Shopping: The unique souvenirs include Ejiao, Black Pottery, Lu Embroidery and Wooden-Fish wares.As the capital city of Shandong Province, Jinan is a venue for purchasing products from the whole province. In the malls, souvenir stores or the street stands, you may be sure to find something that will serve as a pleasant reminder of your visit here.

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