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Tai'an Travel Guide

Tai’an City is located at the center of Shandong Province.Lying at southern foot of Taishan Mountian, Tai'an City adjoins Jinan to the north, Qufu to the south, the Yellow River to the west and Zibo to the east.Tai'an city and its famous accompanying Mount Taishan remain a highlight of any visit to Shandong Province, and will leave any visitor to the area taken in by its charms.

Shandong mapFacts of Tai'an
Area: 7,762 square kilometers (about 2,997 square miles)
Position: at the south foot of Mount Taishan 
Population: 5,517,000
Nationalities: 26 nationalities, including Han, Hui, Manchu, Zhuang, Mongolian, Chaoxian, Miao, Yi, Bai and Tujia, etc.
Zip Code: 270000
Area Code: 0531


The area has a long history, with Mount Taishan highly-regarded in ancient times.The mountain was considered to be the first of the countries five sacred mountains,and was a place where emperors prayed for the fortunes of the nation. Mount Taishan was also a focal point for religion in the area,providing a base for the likes of Buddhism and Taoism. The area around Mount Tai originally belonged to the Lu State (ca. BCE 1027-which was absorbed by the Chu State (BCE 722-221). From the beginning of the Imperial period,Mount Tai became a popular destination for Chinese emperors;72 of them made annual pilgrimages to Mount Tai in order to conduct sacrificial ceremonies and to pay homage to the mountain in the form of speeches by the emperor and his ministers. 


Tai'an is famous for Taishan Mountain.The area has a long history, with Mount Taishan highly-regarded in  ancient times. The mountain was considered to be the first of the countries five sacred mountains, and was a place where emperors prayed for the fortunes of the nation.

The Taishan and the Daiyue districts, Ningyangand Dongping counties, Xintai and Feicheng county- level cities also all fallunder Tai'an's administrative jurisdiction.

What to see in Tai'an ?

Taishan MountainMount Taishan 

Taishan Mountain was also a focal point for religion in the area, providing a base for the likes of Buddhism and Taoism. Tai'an is also a noted tourist city. Although Mount Taishan is the most celebrated of its attractions, other scenic spots, such as the Peach Blossom Ravine and Dai Temple, are also well worth a visit. These sights are well-served by the city's transport network, with buses able to take you there directly and a number of taxis also offering trips to these places.

Feicheng Peach Orchards World Scenic Area

Feicheng City is the Holy Land of peach flowers and is known as the ‘Hometown of Chinese Buddha Peach'. The peach orchards cover an area of 66,700 hectares (about 16.5 thousand acres), which is the largest peach garden in the world according to the Guinness Books of Records...More

Culaishan National Forest Park
Culaishan National Forest Park is situated southeast of Mount Taishan, about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) southeast of Tai’an city proper. With an area of 250 square kilometers (61,776 acres), the park is a good scenic area for sightseeing and spending vacations. Similar to Mount Taishan, Culai Mountain is rich in cultural relics and natural scenery, so they are called ‘Sister Mountains’...More

When to visit ?

There are four distinctive seasons in Tai'an, and Mount Taishan shows its varying beauty in the different seasons. Thus, no matter when you climb it, you will be happy with what you see. Even if you go to Mount Taishan in summer (May to Jul.), please don't worry about high temperatures, as you can enjoy the cool weather under the big trees on the mountain. Additionally, after heavy rain in summer, the whole sky becomes suffused with a red glow. At that moment, standing on Mount Taishan, you would be charmed with the dreamy color. And in fall (Aug. to Oct.), the sky is clear and the air is crisp. So, this period is ideal for you to climb Mount Taishan. In winter (Nov. to Jan.), though the climate is very cold, you can enjoy more opportunities to appreciate the sunrise. By comparison with the three seasons that have been mentioned, the early spring (February to March) is windier. In conclusion, you should go there during April to November.

Clothing tips: Even in summer, the weather is much cooler at the high altitudes of Mount Taishan. It is advisable to take some warm clothing for your climb.

How to get there ?

Located in the center of Shandong Province, Tai'an plays a very important role in connecting the northern China with the south: The No.104 National Highway and a number of other expressways connect the city with the capital of Shandong Province, Jinan to the north and the Confucius' hometown Qufu to the south. The famous Jinghu Railway (Beijing-Shanghai) crosses this city as well. This area has become well known due to tourism brought in by Mount Taishan and the convenient traffic, which makes visiting the mountain easy. Typically visitors first travel to Jinan, then take a long-distance bus or train to the city. Downtown traffic in the city is also easy to navigate - bus routes and taxis will help you get around this city.

Travel Tips

Local Specialties: The Feicheng peach, Taishan chestnut, Ningyang date, Taishan ginseng, Taishan walnut, Taishan hawthorn, Red-star apple, and Chilin-yu (red phosphorus fish). 
Local Food: The bean curd dinner in Mount Tai, The edicated diet dinner in Mount Tai, The thin pancake in Tai'an, Three beautiful bean curd 

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