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Culaishan National Forest Park

Culaishan National Forest Park is situated southeast of Mount Taishan, about 20 kilometers southeast of Tai’an city proper. With an area of 250 square kilometers , the park is a good scenic area for sightseeing and spending vacations. Similar to Mount Taishan, Culai Mountain is rich in cultural relics and natural scenery, so they are called ‘Sister Mountains’.
Culai Mountain is as beautiful as a painting. Its highest peak, Taiping Peak rises over 1,027 meters above sea level. The ridges and peaks rise up and down in the park; deep and quiet ravines are scattered over the mountain; streams wind around; rocks differ from each other in shapes and sizes. The mountain is covered by a sea of ancient pines, cypresses, gingkoes and wisteria, some of which are thousands of years old. There are a variety of plants, herbs, birds and animals.
Mount TaishanThere are numerous historical sites on the mountain. In ancient times Culai Mountain was the Holy Land of Taoism and Buddhism; therefore many temples were built here. Now three temples, about 50 stone tablets and more than 100 cliff-side inscriptions are preserved. The mountain was also one of the base for the War of Resistance against Japan in Shandong Province.

How to get there?

The position of Culaishan National Forest Park is superior with convenient expressway transportation, but there is no public bus available. You can either rent a car or take a taxi to the scenic spot. By the way, if you live near the Tai’an High-tech Zone, it takes about 10 minutes only to the park by taxi along the Culaishan Tour Express Way.

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