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Feicheng Peach Orchards World

FeichengFeicheng Peach Orchards World Scenic Area lies in the Village of Liujiatai, in Yiyang Township, Feicheng. When spring comes, all the peach trees are in blossom and their flowers dye the mountain pink. The effect is so beautiful that it conjures up images of a fairy land. In Addition, between April and May every year, the Peach Blossom Festival is held here. This is the best time to visit Feicheng and savor the juicy peaches. 

Feicheng City is the Holy Land of peach flowers and is known as the ‘Hometown of Chinese Buddha Peach’. The peach orchards cover an area of 66,700 hectares (about 16.5 thousand acres), which is the largest peach garden in the world according to the Guinness Books of Records.

The peach orchards of Feicheng City are mainly in Yiyang Town and Taoyuan Town. In spring, the peach trees are in full bloom to compete in beauty and fascination. The peach flowers may be dazzlingly rosy or they may be white, pink, tipped faintly or in darker colors, presenting a colorful view of great charm. In autumn, the peach orchard is full of rich fruits and the smell of ripe peaches.
Liutai Peach Orchard is one excellent example of the Feicheng’s Peach Orchards. Liutai Village is surrounded by mountains on three sides, so it looks like a natural basin. By early April, the peach blossoms are in full splendor, spreading all over the mountains and plains. Among this vast sea of colorful flowers, people feel as if they are in a different world.
According to historical data, Zeng Guofan (an important official in the late Qing Dynasty), had once went to the Panlong Temple located west of Liutai Village to visit the Huizhen Chan master. He was very satisfied with peaches that the master offered him, then he gave peaches as tribute to Emperor Xianfeng (the ninth emperor of the Qing Dynasty) and the emperor named them ‘Buddha Peach’.
Every early April, a Peach Flower Festival is held here, which attracts many tourists at home and abroad.

How to get there ?

Take the No. 7 city-bus to the Jiaotong Hotel. There are many buses passing by Feicheng.

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