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Jinkou Grand Canyon

Jinkou Canyon2.jpgJinkou Grand Canyon , a spectacular grand canyon in China, is located in Leshan City of Sichuan Province. It starts from the west Wusi River and extents to the Jinkou River, spreading throughout the Jinkou River District in Leshan Sichuan. With a totally length of 30km, the widest site of this canyon is less than 200 meters, while it is in a depth of 2,600 meters. This marvelous canyon and its stunning scenery was carved out by the Dadu River, which originates in the northwestern Sichuan plateau, roaring and shrieking and rolling ceaselessly as it forms the landscape.

Jinkou Gorge is located on a dramatically rising section of the earth's crust in the eastern part of the Hengduan Mountain, moreover it is where the elevation difference between the first and second steps of Jinkou Canyon1.jpgChina's 'geological staircase' is greatest, and is predominantly composed of horizontally stratified hard dolomite. These factors make it one of the most classical examples of a Zhang valley and ravine on China's large rivers, characterized by near vertical slopes, a deep and narrow floor almost completely taken up by the riverbed. The tributary channels feeding in on both sides are fathomless, narrow and precipitous beyond description. The entrance to the Jinkou Gorge has an unusual three-way access: running parallel to the Dadu River are the Jinkou-Wushihe (Wushi River) Road and Chengdu-Kunming Railway, and winding through the perilous mountains is the Leshan-Xichang Road built during the Second World War.

Travel Tips

Best Time to visit: June, July and August each year is the rainy season, so the best time to visit are April, May, September and October. If tourists want to take an adventure deep down in the valley, you must pay attention to possible landslides and rolling stones during the rainy season. It is highly suggested that tourists wear helmets.

How to get there? 

By Bus: tourists can get on the special line bus from Chengdu to Jinkou (This line only serves once a day, departs on 12:30)
By Train: Taking trains No. 2003, K145 or K 133 (from Chengdu to Kunming) can reach the Jinkou Grand Canyon 

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