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Leshan Transportation

Leshan City has not airport, but tourists could fly to Chengdu first. There is highway from Chengdu to Leshan, which is very convenient. Chengdu-Mianyang Railway has been under construction and will be open to traffic in 2013. The Railway passes Leshan and Meishan City, and it just takes 40 min to get Leshan from Chengdu.

By Air
There is no civil airport in Leshan now. The Leshan downtown is about 140 away from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. There are Civil Aviation Ticket Office in Leshan, where you can purchase flight tickets from Chengdu to other cities in China.
There are no shuttle buses from Chengdu Shuanlgiu International Airport to Leshan. You could take shuttle bus to Mingshan Restaurant first, walk to Chengdu New South Gate Bus Station and take bus to Leshan.
There are also taxies to Leshan from Airport. You can choose L titled license tag’s return Taxies, which are cheaper then other taxies. The price is about 200-300 Yuan. If you do not take return taxi, but other taxies, the price is about 500 Yuan.
By Train 
You can take train to Leshan Railway Station or Emeishan Railway Station, and Chengdu Railway Station first, and then taka bus t o Leshan City.

leshan-station-01.jpgLeshan Railway Station is not located in Leshan downtown. It is located in Jiajiang County, 26 km from Leshan. The bus station is opposite to the railways station, which has buses to Leshan.

Leshan North Station that is Leshan Station, namely a new station of Leshan for Chengmianle (Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan) passenger transport line.
Leshan high speed railway station is located in the downtown district Qingjiang new district, the total length of 1.9 km. and is a junction of Chengmianle special line and Chenggui high-speed railway. It is 140 km from Chengdu East Station in the north, west to Emei mountain railway station 30 km. It belongs to the Chengdu railway bureau Chengdu train operation depot. The long-distance passenger transport station, bus station near the high speed railway station and Baolian Square together constitute the Leshan city integrated traffic system.
Emeishan Railway Station is in Emeishan City, 31 away from Leshan downtown.
Chengdu-Mianyang Railway has been under construction and will be open to traffic in 2013. The Railway passes Leshan and Emeishan City, and it just takes 40 min to get Leshan from Chengdu.

By Long-Distance Bus
Leshan6.jpgLeshan highways extend in all directions. Now there are provincial regular buses from Leshan Bus Station to Chengdu, Dujiangyan, Neijiang, and long-distance buses to Chongqing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
Leshan Passenger Deport: Yangbai Zhong Road, Leshan City. Tel: 0833-2450710
Car Rental:

Tourists could rent car from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport to Leshan. Shenzhou, Yihai, Guoxin and other car rental companies all has point at the airport. The prices of car rental are different according to types of cars and lease terms. From the airport to Leshan City is about 150 km, about 1.5 hrs. Do not forget to bring your driver's license and ID card if you want to rent a car.

Urban Traffic

In daytime, the departure fare of Taxi is 5 Yuan for 2 km, and the extra distance is 1.6 yuan for each km. If driving more than 7 km, the fare will be 30% higher for each km.
Public Bus:
The price is 1 Yuan. Running hrs: 06:30-22:30
There are excursion vessels from Lehsan port to Leshan Giant Buddha each day. There are also passenger liners to Chognqing and Shanghai. Chengdu Port is located in Guangying Township in Wutongqiao District, Leshan, 120 away from Chengdu. The construction of Chengdu Port will be finished in 2015. Chengdu port will be the first port of Yangtze River. 

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