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Wanglang National Nature Reserve

Wanglang Reserve1.jpgWanglang National Nature Reserve is located around 94 km northwest from Pingwu County. It is adjacent to the Baiba Tibetan Area in the southeast, the Yellow Dragon Temple of Songpan County in the southwest, and the Jiuzhaigou Valley in the northeast. This nature reserve was built in 1965 for the conservation of giant pandas and other rare wild animals.

As the nature reserve is situated in the intersecting mountain area of the Himalayas, a variety of creatures live there. It is one of the best ecological environments of the country. This area is not only a paradise for giant pandas, but also the home of golden monkeys, gnus, macaques, cheetahs, lesser pandas and sambars. Other lovely animals also live a happy life here, such as takins, zibets, lynxes, hares and weasels. There are birds of first-grade state protection, including Chinese goosanders, monal pheasants with blue tails and sea eagles with jade belts.

Wanglang Nature Reserve is abundant in plants and has virgin forest at a high altitude. Bulky firs, spruces, deodar cedars and redwoods rise skyward in an elegant shape, which have grown for about 500 years. Tourists can find rare trees here, for example, Chinese dove trees, katsura trees, gingkoes, liriodendrons and eucommia barks.

The rippling streams, powerful waterfalls, jokul and meadow in the mountain area are as beautiful as a painting. In addition, the ancient and unique Baima Tibetan nationality preserves the original cultural tradition whose language, customs and history are totally unique.

Travel Tips

How to get there: There are regular direct buses from Mianyang Central Bus Station and Pingzheng Bus Station to Pingwu County and it takes 3.5-4 hours. Upon arrival at Pingwu, there are two ways to the nature reserve:
1. Transfer to another bus to Baima, where take a taxi to reach;
2. At Pingwu, it is a good idea to rent a car to the natural reserve directly.
(Note: Buses from Mianyang to Pingwu are scheduled from 06:20 to 17:00 every half an hour.)

Best time to go: All the year round (rainfall is dense during May and July)

Entrance fee: CNY 50

Opening hours: all day

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