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Zigong Giant Buddha

Zigong Giant Buddha is located in the eastern suburb of Rongxian County, was carved in Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). Located next to the Leshan Giant Buddha, it is the second largest Buddha stature in China. It is seated in a niche carved into the cliffs and measures 131 feet high, 51 feet wide, and 45 feet deep. 

Rongxian Buddha3.jpgThe majestic Buddha statue is regarded as the art masterpiece and great intellectual achievement of Chinese ancient laboring people. The Buddha looks graceful and facile with broad forehead, high nose and big ears. The left palm faces upward and the right one touches the knee. It is 120 feet tall. The head is 29 feet long, the shoulders 42 feet across, and the feet are 11.5 feet wide. The feet step on the two lotus flowers before the “Diamond Thrones”.

Pavilions have been erected around the Giant Buddha to ensure that it avoids being eroded by winds and rains. If you want to have a full view of the Buddha, you will need to walk into the temple in front of the Buddha.  Now, the Buddha statue and the temples as well as some nearby attractions such as the statue of Maitreya and some Buddhism stone inscriptions are combined to Rongxian Buddha1.jpgone scenic spot. 

Travel Tips

1. Visitors can appreciate all these places using one entrance ticket. The scenic spot is open from 09:00 to 18:00 and the admission fee is CNY60.

2. Transportation: Visitors intend to reach the Buddha need to reach Rongxian County first. Buses for Rongxian County can be found at North Bus Station, Beimen Bus Station or Shiyangchang Bus Station in Chengdu. Upon reaching Rongxian Bus Station, one can take a taxi to reach the Buddha and the taxi fare is around CNY5.

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