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Paoma Mountain

Paoma Mountain is one of top attractions in Kangding. Paoma Mountain,whose highest peak is over 5,500m, lies just to the south of Kangding town. It is of spiritual importance to Tibetans, who hold a Festival on the mountain each year around May to commemorate the birthday of the Buddha.

The Walking Around the Mountain Festival attracts Tibetans from the surrounding area who set up camp on the mountain and participate in wrestling and horse racing (the name Paoma Shan literally means 'horse running mountain' in Chinese).

Paoma Monastery on the mountain is also worth visiting. It only takes a couple of hours to reach the monastery on foot, or you can take a cable car up. Note that there is a small admission fee that must be paid before you can enter the monastery grounds. It’s worth it though as the walk takes you past rows of Tibetan prayer flags fluttering in the wind, monasteries and the most magnificent views over the whole of Kangding.

Jingang Monastery (or Dordrak Monastery, as it’s known to Tibetans) is perhaps the most well-known of the four Buddhist monasteries in Kangding, the others being Ngachu Monastery, Lhamo Tse and the Paoma Monastery.Located in the south of the town near the start of the trail up Paoma Mountain, the monastery is some 400 years old. The prayer wheels, stupas and tankas as well as the ornate temple itself offer visitors plenty of photo opportunities.

Paoma Mountain is also famous across China thanks to its mention in the Kangding Love Song, which was written in the 1990s (check out the lyrics in Tibetan, Chinese and English on a plaque in Kangding's town square).

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